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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  December 9, 2012 3:00am-7:00am PST

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>> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, december 9th, i'm alisyn camerota. thanks for joining us. there are only 23 days left before we dive over the fiscal cliff. republicans say we can avoid it. the president says he has a different plan. the the president doesn't want an agreement or compromise, he wants to get his way. >> what happens if the
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president does get his way? we'll explore that. >> hello i'm mike in for dave. apparently such a thing as a free lunch. 30 million dollars of your tax dollars were supposed to help kids affected by superstorm sandy. instead all of new york's kids are eating for free. >> clayton: do you think this 90-year-old statue is offensive? take a look at the screen, offensive. a man basically standing on a woman. some people's rights groups do and they're trying to get rid of it. we'll explain. "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ >> straighten up your socks, mike. >> pulling up the socks, a long four hours. >> alisyn: and get dressed before the show? >> hoyt hoist them up. mike jerrick is in for dave.
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>> hi, everybody. >> clayton: and get the heisman trophy winner and dave was so jealous, he didn't get so see john am i manziel. >> and freshman. >> alisyn: a lot from women and-- >> and coming up in half an hour, the six presents you did not want to get for someone. ali is going to give you a cautionary tale. >> alisyn: and what's happening at this hour, overnight u.s. special forces operations, killing seven taliban insurgents during the rescue a kidnapped american, near the afghanistan-pakistan border, the doctor a freeman after being captured by the taliban at a medical clinic. the top commander in afghanistan, john allen, praised the forces who successfully carried out this
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operation. one week after the jovan belcher tragedy, an another player is dead and blame his friend. they say he was driving drunk and allegedly speeding, car hit the curb and flipped, skidded. and linebacker jerry brown was taken to a hospital and he was pronounced dead. who says no such thing as a free lunch? is the federal government giving new york schools to 30 million dollars to help school lunches and it's supposed to help hurricane sandy and it's spent on kids. the program leaves out long island and new jersey children. clayton? >> let's talk football. >> alisyn: let's do it. >> clayton: i am. it was billed as america's
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game yesterday. the army-navy showdown a classic. vice-president biden gets things underway with a coin toss and navy would open up the scoring, not to be outdone, army comes right back, and the quarterback with the 11 yard up the middle keeper there. and just out to the fourth. and navy down three, they go ahead with four minutes to go. and then two minutes left and as if things weren't tight enough. army with the winning score and they hand off and navy recovers with a 17-13 win and so broken up, crying, he had to be consoled by four star general, and navy has now beaten army. and you thought that college football was over for the year. >> what a great event. i live in phillies and friday nights in the city is filled with people and army thought they had it, but 11 straight.
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>> clayton: come on, army. let's check in with maria in for rick. >> good morning, everyone, we'll see a big shift in the weather pattern we've seen the last several weeks, very mild across the country and temperatures above average and enjoying basically very mild conditions for late fall and also early december, but a reality check is in store for many of us, out west and across portions of the upper midwest and air from canada is going to dip downward and we're seeing the novell. and current temperatures starting to feel the impact. and 21 right now in denver, 8 degrees in rapid city and 30 over in minneapolis and of course the cool air will continue to expand eastward across the plains and further east as we head into basically next week. and high temperatures only 15 for your high over in rapid city and 32 over in minneapolis and 22 degrees in the city of denver and feeling very cold out here. as i mentioned we have
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snowfall and a large area of rainfall to the east of us and further off towards the ohio valley, tennessee valley and lower mississippi valley and further south we actually have a risk to see severe storms and damaging winds are possible and isolated tornado cannot be ruled out. and temperatures are cold enough for snow, seeing that minneapolis, north and south dakota and blizzard warnings for some of the areas and we're talking wind gusts over 40 miles per hour possible so white out conditions, dangerous travel conditions across the the region and keep it in mind throughout the rest of today and blizzard warnings in effect. >> and ali's 40 miles per hour wind. >> alisyn: a pleasant thought. what's happening in 23 days from now, that of course is the fiscal cliff. it was disheartening to hear john boehner come out yesterday and say we are nowhere near any sort of progress or any sort of
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outcome. >> we have been talking. >> clayton: we have been having lunch, haven't been talking to the other side. and look we have the countdown clock, 23 days. and republicans are basically saying, look, the president doesn't want to do this, doesn't want to have an agreement. the president though is saying, look, we can get this done. let's listen to the president first. >> when all of this, bypassing a law that prevents a tax like on the first $250,000 of everybody's income, that means 90% of americans and 97% of small businesses wouldn't see their income taxes go up by a single dime and even the wealthiest americans would get a tax cut on the first $250 of their income and families everywhere would enjoy some peace of mind. >> see, the thing is here, republicans think that the president doesn't want to do anything. at the end of the day, if the president dogs nothing, the bush tax cuts expire.
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by negotiating. it's almost he has less of a chance by not doing everything he gets what he wants. >> alisyn: he has the upper hand in this because he wants taxes to go up. >> a tax cut is not a tax cut at all, we extend, we extend. there is a difference there. >> right. >> like you were saying, clayton, representative randy forbes, i guess kind of well, leading the way and saying the president doesn't want an agreement and well, listen to him. >> the president doesn't really want to get an agreement or a compromise. he wants to get his way. and that's why he won't come to the table with any serious proposal and simply talk because i think if we do that. we can get a solution that everybody could live with. we're willing it sit down and negotiate and talk about the ideas and principles, where is the senate and where is the president. and sitting at the table the senate and president are missing in action. >> alisyn: it's the president's address this
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weekend where i heard him sound the most definitive. he sounds like he will not budge on that $250,000 line for families and for businesses. there is he been a the lot of talk, will he raise it to a million. >> half a million. >> half a million? he said on this i am not willing to budge. >> and he has an election to back him up and polls to back him up. the polls show 6 5% of americans go ahead and tax the rich. >> clayton: and questions whether we'd go back to the clinton era, 37 somewhere? at the end of the day the point what mr. forbes was saying, if the president does nothing, yes, the taxes go back up to those previous rates and also, defense gets cuts. forget about, we're not talking see questions station much, b -- sequestration? >> did you see what's happening in california, maybe that should be a barometer. tax increases in the state of
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california and raise revenue and look at the revenues have not gone up. >> a lot of republicans see california and americans, many democrats see california as a cautionary tale. what california has done and interesting and got then them ooh into a pickle. they have the battle initiatives where voters can go in themselves and vote for what they want and these all cost money. >> it all costs money. >> yeah, this is a mistake of california, right? since the late 70's, when these ballot provisions started going through, yes, you had a number of them. i was out there when was unfoldi unfolding, a number passed and californias voted to increase their own sales tax to pay for things, finally. >> yes, by the way, they also then voted to tax the highest wage earners more.and what ended up happening in some cases was that a significant
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number of the richest people moved, they left. >> to nevada. >> they moved to texas. >> arizona. >> alisyn: to avoid. it's harder if you're an american to move if you don't like the tax rate that's going to go up. if you're in california you could move next door, but people say it's a cautionary tale and marco rubio talked about this equation in his saturday address. >> we must reform our uncertainty job killing tax code by getting rid of unjustified loopholes, but our goal should be again rating new tax revenue not new taxes. >> clayton: we like things fast. >> and do you do this during christmas shopping, buying something for yourself. >> clayton: all the time. >> alisyn: all the time. >> clayton: i find way to pay myself back first. >> a study came out and said impulse buying costs all of us about $200 per month. >> clayton: what kind of
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impulses, i'm thinking of stuff at the checkout aisle. i need gum. and i need to buy some candle votives, suddenly. >> people buy clothing and shoes. >> women do that, and the study finds mostly. and i know the feeling, you go out shopping for somebody, wait a minute, this fur vest is on sale? i suddenly need one. last weekend we had a kids segment on the show, remember that? we had almost like the netflix for kids toy, and the-- >> yes. >> clayton: they had a neat magnet set for kids and i looked at it and went on amazon during the show and bought it for my son. >> alisyn: the toys, 21% say the impulse buying, toys for kids. >> what about the tech stuff? don't do you that? >> i feel like, well, yeah, i do. >> alisyn: do you impulse buy? >> you search. >> clayton: i want to test it out before i buy, but what gets me checkout aisle and standing there, grab a bottle of water here at the checkout
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aisle and buy that pack of gun and need energizer batteries for the flashlight i never use. >> alisyn: this is the important part of the story, 71% of the people who do impulse buy regret it, they have buyers remorse. i don't know if there's a lesson for our country and lawmakers in terms of impulse buying and thinking these things out, but maybe there's a connection. >> coming up on the show, send this in. do you agree with the impulse buys and have you bought one this holiday season. >> it's your constitutional right, but could the white house use recent take aways to own a gun? >> then, have you ever been the victim after regift like this one we're about to show you? >> and no. >> wait a minute, this and the other gift no-nos you should be aware of before you do your christmas shopping. you'll have to explain this.
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>> welcome back everybody. it's the gun debate back in the spotlight after the incident to push for increased gun control. something that president obama insists he'll tackle in the second term. joining us now is emily miller from the washington times. welcome to "fox & friends" on this sunday. >> thanks for having me, mike. >> why do you think that gun control is now on the president agenda, so little was talked in the run-up to the election. >> and president obama was a
3:18 am
strong advocate on the second amendment and as you know, illinois has the most, i believe, unconstitutional laws in the country. they don't allow any right to bear arms and before the debate he said he wanted to pursue the so-called assault weapons ban. fbi law enforcement says it doesn't reduce crime. we don't need it anymore, it bans guns that look scary and the president wants to renew that and also said that he was going to, was supporting a u.n. treaty on arms, which just hours after he was elected and at the united nations signed and that dnot rep and bear arms and the united states would be signing on to a worldwide treaty with countries like syria and iran, in which would water down our right to bare arms. >> i noticed there was a spike
3:19 am
in gun sales after the election, why is that? >> well, because of those things and president obama's history and the first term of regulations and executive orders, things like that to try to restrict guns, so, people are want to get guns and may be restricted and worried about government having guns and they reported that black friday was the single biggest sale of firearms in the history this have country and november was the single biggest for gun sales. >> mike: over the last 11 months in this country a new study came out. 2.5 million times in in country over the last 11 months, crimes have been prevented because of guns. >> where does the anti-gun group get it wrong? >> it was exactly, bob costas said. i think he actually said on this network, that guns always make situations more dangerous and saying things like that is
3:20 am
just factually incorrect. and there are 30,000 people possibly every year killed with a firearm and exactly like you said, mike, 2 1/2 million times a year, people use the the guns to prevent crime. so the reason is that firearms deterrent and we've seen the lowest crime rate in the country now, and gun ownership at the highest rate. 47% of american households report to have a gun and admit it and let the polesters know: accidental firearm mistakes are at their lowest in the history of this country. bob costas and the anti-gun people are spouting off incorrect things and you know-- >> and i've heard quite a few people say after his remarks, if belcher's girlfriend had a gun maybe she wouldn't be dead. good to see you. >> thanks, mike, thank you. >> mike: after the break here, then, 90-year-old statue
3:21 am
has been hailed as a priceless piece of public art and now it may be moved because feminist groups say it may be offensive. that guy is standing on a woman. well, maybe not. superstorm sandy may have devastated the town, but our next guest making sure that all kids get toys for christmas. i like this woman. an amazing venture you'll hear about after the break. ♪ i got you babe ♪ i got you baby er really wants that pink castle thing. and you realldon't want to pay more than you have to. only citi price rewind automatically searches for the lowest price. and if it findone, you get refunded the difference. just use your citi card and register your purchase online. have a super sparkly day! ok. [ male announcer ] now all youeed is a magic carriage. citi price rewind. start saving at
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>> all right. quick headlines for you this morning. he's returning to cuba for more surgery, the president of
3:25 am
venezuela wants his vice-president to succeed him. and if he doesn't pay a toll ticket, he doesn't use his leg and after a car crash fave years ago, he's not sure how they confused him with somebody else. >> alisyn: thanks, mike. they were some of the most incredible pictures of the year, property and possessions along the east coast destroyed by hurricane sandy and a story selflessness. and she made sure that young victims get toys this season. and co-founder of secret >> nice to see you. >> you were affected and most
3:26 am
people were a large swath of individuals and you were without power and had damage and had to evacuate? >> yeah, i evaluated to north jersey since i live in hoboken and we knew it was going to flood, but not nearly as bad as it did. >> alisyn: in your own travails and damage to your home and loss of power. how did you decide to do something for other victims? >> after coming back, i mailed a friend of mine, i felt i need to be helping. >> and she felt the same way and by the end of the night the website was up. >> clayton: and you look at the families, if you look at the images, people without a home. quickly after sandy, parents thinking my gosh, we don't have a home and christmas tree, how are we going to get them toys and little ones who have been through so much and you started to piece this thing together. why the kids? >> they want some normalcy in their lives and they have
3:27 am
nothing, they washed their toys thrown out. how do you explain to a child? >> how does it work. >> register as a donor, volunteer or write to sandy. kids go on and write a letter to sandy. when hurricane sandy hit, i was here. >> alisyn: and you have pictures that children draw, and hope the viewers can see them. and vie what this picture is, you see the stick figures and you see what? >> this is the kid being rescued. this is a fire engine and the kids and family being rescued. >> clayton: and you asked the kid-- you had another one, with a tree. >> a tree falling and e-mailed the picture. these are pictures from hoboken from kids at the center since they have no internet and still don't. >> this is interesting, because people had to deal with fraud and all sorts of things, but you go to the website and how do you make sure that the toys you're able to give out go to the kids
3:28 am
that need it. >> we vet their addresses and where they were during the storm. since most aren't where they were, because they're all displaced, we have them give us an address to ship to during the last week in december, third week in december and amazon ships directly to them and so we maintain their trace privacy and the donors maintain their address privacy by using a wish list and a link to amazon. >> that's beautiful and we can just imagine how you're going it change this holiday season for so many kids who get through a rough time. >> we were thinking about this, this is a great opportunity to sit here and your own children haven't been affected the way the others have. >> have them on a computer and pick out a toy for another kid. >> secret is the website. >> treat that out, too. >> and great to see you, great job. >> thanks so much. >> all right. it's all pray and no play. the leader behind a mosque at ground zero claims to be used
3:29 am
at the community center for classes and programs, turns out there's a lot missing, what's really going on down there. >> and could the tweet be here to stay, one man driving to say hostess from the brink of extinction, must really love that twinkie. >> ♪ it ain't over till it's over ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] where do you turn for legal matters? maybe you want to incorporate a business. orrotect your family with a will or living trust. and you'd like the help of an attorney. at legalzoom a legal plan attorney is available in most states with every personalized document to answer questions. get started at today. and now you're protected.
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♪ >> welcome back to "fox & friends" on this sunday morning, i think, if you don't know my co-host well, there's something they love. they love sculpture. >> alisyn: all right. >> clayton: you can't keep ali and mike away from a museum. which is why they're outraged because of what unfolded in queens. there's a 90-year-old statue, here it is, it's called civic virtue. it's been moved a couple of times. >> mike: you think it's me, right? you think it's modeled after me. >> alisyn: it's like a mirror for you. >> clayton: and mike's upper body. >> alisyn: the reason that the statue moved around and why it's go to get the boot again from where it's placed in queens is because people see this as a sexist statue. and here is the-- that man, who represents civic
3:34 am
virtue according to the artist, standing on two women vice and corruption. >> clayton: evil sirens, he called them a hundred years ago, it's not modern day man and women it's virtue over evil, but evil depicted by women. and feminist groups upset about this. and moved from city hall park. >> alisyn: yes. >> clayton: in the city back in 1915 and even back then, there was controversy. >> alisyn: because the the mayor says he didn't like looking at this all day long and it's not just feminist groups, a lot of people find na and times have changed and now we're more sensitive to sexism and they were 90 years ago and people didn't like it then. the artist got in trouble then and people saw it as sexist. >> it was built and put together by frederick mooney, i love his work, in 1922 it was erected and by the way
3:35 am
shall the guy who is supposed to be virtues, strong, standing on rock. >> alisyn: women. >> mike: two women, but the women were supposed to be, women are temptening 1922, women are tempting and vice and corruption can be tempting. and virtue should win out. so, now, somebody owns a private cemetery says i'll take it off your hand and we'll move it to a cemetery, where it's going to go. >> alisyn: some people are objecting to that. >> clayton: isn't sexism, people are the pr police out in force. let us know, the man is getting, i don't know, kind of next to two women. >> trampling on women! >> all right. trampling on women. let us know >> alisyn: let you know what's happening in the world. morsi caving to pressure and giving up sweeping powers he gave himself last month and nothing to ease the protests thus far because he refuses to delay the the referendum on
3:36 am
the slammist backed constitution that's set for next saturday and by going ahead, morsi is making the crisis worse and egypt's military warned that the consequences would be disastrous and the standardoff continues and preparing to tighten security. two more rips to monitor north korea's rocket launch. they'll join two other worships already in position and north korea plans to launch a satellite sometime between december 10th and the 22nd. the satellites are believed to be long range missiles and a similar launch failed back in april and officials say the ship will shoot down any message to the philippines or japan. apparently all pray and no play, and turns out the ground zero mosque that was supposed to be a cultural center is now an empty space with no community programs and it gathered to prepare for services and the only
3:37 am
activity and apparently last year the company conundrum edison threatened to evict them because of 1.7 million dollars in unpaid back rent. and a massachusetts man wants to save the hostess, well, save hostess and the twinky. donald sheraton sent a letter to the ceo, the bankruptcy judge and offering to buy the company. he explains he wants to buy the company for a long time, but didn't have the capital. >> and even though it's a long shot, the deadline to buy hostess is tomorrow. you don't have any money? just write a letter i'd like to buy it. >> clayton: the twinkie. >> mike: don't forget the ding-dong. >> clayton: or don't tread on the devil dog. in college football, winners of the heisman, last night a first in college's highest
3:38 am
honor. >> the 2012 winner of the heisman memorial trophy is... johnnie manziel. >> the first freshman to win the award. and linebacker, colin klein, coming up later in the show, he's joining us live right here on "fox & friends" and i've seen our twitter stream exploding because of that. >> mike: wow. >> clayton: last year, didn't play a down last year, and coach, had run-ins with the law and. >> mike: going to be fun to meet him. >> alisyn: and he runs in here. let's check with maria molina how the weather is around the country. >> maria: good to see you
3:39 am
everyone. here in new york city the weather is not too bad. temperatures close to 50 degrees so actually pretty mild if you think of what we should be be seeing for the month of december and that's the story for many people out across the east today with temperatures it 10 to 20 degrees above what's average for this time of year, behind this system though, we actually have a dip in the jetstream and further west across parts of the rockies and northern plains, up midwest and temperatures 10 to 20 degrees below average and it's going to be a cold one and 15 degrees for the high temperatures, and 39 in rapid city and the 40's in denver and i think that's warmer than what we should be seeing and should be colder than that, and temperatures in the 50's, 60's, well above average and we click ahead you see the current temperatures cold right now across the portions of the dakotas. rapid city 8 degrees out the door and 37 in chicago and 60's, nice, across portions of the southeast and tampa, high temperature 81 degrees, a nice day in florida otherwise snow across the midwest and further
3:40 am
south, a chance for severe storms, we'll keep an eye on that, back to you guys. >> thanks, maria. >> clayton: thanks coming up on the show-- >> let's did it right now. we know you're getting ready to go out on your christmas shopping and so we have a little help for you today. the six presents you should never buy anyone. >> clayton: here they are. these are things mike and i have probably bought in the past. >> alisyn: me. >> clayton: yeah, gifts that are all about me. and i like this, what does it say, give someone like a photos frame of yourself. (laughter) >> yes, people do that. like, here mom. a gift for your mom, like the grand parents like that. >> alisyn: yes, it's more like when my husband gives me a book that he really likes. >> clayton: so he can read it. >> alisyn: give me a book that he really likes, it's not anything about moi. >> mike: i one time got a gift and somebody forgot, it was a book, that had been signed by the author, and they forgot that the author had signed it to them. and gave it to me as a gift.
3:41 am
obviously, it's a regift. >> alisyn: right, i am guilty of the reguilt from time to time and why i do it, people, if you have a beautiful gift you won't use, should it go to waste or regift? >> with wine all the time. >> alisyn: i'm happy to take your castoffs. >> clayton: here is a statement gift. i have no idea what a statement gift it. >> mike: to impress someone. >> clayton: hey, we're trying to turn you into a, you know, into an organic family and got you organic herbs for your garden and start this month. >> alisyn: and the statement gift can send a message, like here is a gym membership. >> mike: that happened to the weather person that i work with in philadelphia. her husband gave her a gym membership for christmas. what's that saying? >> and this was hilarious in the article. the well-meant misfire when the best friend gave someone
3:42 am
the acme solution kid. >> clayton: i like that. jessica simpson would be happy about that. passive aggressive gift. and passive aggression in general is good. so when you can put it in gift form, that's great. >> alisyn: wrap that up in a bow. and usually that comes from your mother-in-law, passive aggressive. >> mike: a nongift? what is a nongift? >> not giving anyone a gift or providing some thing that really isn't a gift, you claim it as a gift. >> alisyn: if you and your husband give each other like a frying pan, you know your house needs it, that's not really a gift for the other person. >> i know a woman friend of mine who wants a vacuum cleaner she saw on tv. and. >> dyson thing. >> mike: dyson, that's it. but if you gave a dyson to someone, a loved one, wouldn't they be. >> clayton: that's a statement gift telling your house is a mess.
3:43 am
>> alisyn: your least favorite gift ever, you can find us here, we're usually on twitter. >> clayton: the call to the hospital of kate middleton started off as a prank. >> and how may i help you. >> hello i'm asking after my granddaughter kate. i want to see how her tummy bug is going. >> clayton: but the nurse that answered that phone call then committed suicide and dr. keith ablow here to discuss the power of public embarrassment. >> mike: and short sale fever, how the pending fiscal cliff causing people to dump their homes for less than they're worth. could this tank the housing market once again? short sales. ♪ ♪ we understan at usaa, we know military life is different. we've been there. that's why every bit of financial advice we offer
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is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. [ laughs ] dad! dad! [ applause ] ♪ [ male announcer ] life brings obstacles. usaa brings advice. call or visit us online. we're ready to help.
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or that printing in color had to cost a fortune. nobody said an all-in-one had to be bulky. or that you had to print from your desk. at least, nobody said it to us. introducing the business smart inkjet all-in-one series from brother. easy to use. it's the ultimate combination of speed, small size, and low-cost printing. >> hey, welcome back, the hottest new trend in real estate. living on the edge, the edge
3:47 am
of the fiscal cliff, that is. real estate experts are seeing a jump in short sales with homes getting dumped in fear of going over the fiscal cliff. what does it mean for the housing market. morgan is here to explain. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> clayton: people are concerned, what is a short sale. and forgive my slight ignorance, you're basically selling a house short of what you owe on it, not back to the bank. >> yes, so short sales you have a distressed home owner rather than going through the process of foreclosure, the bank essentially taking that property. it's better option for all involved. underwater home owner sell straight to another lender and their principal on that mortgage is for given so they don't see the hammering to their credit, and the neighborhood is not hammered because the sale is much higher, and usually, than a bank-owned foreclosure sale and the bank doesn't have to put more property on.
3:48 am
>> so it's better all around in a foreclosure than a bankruptcy, but we've been talking about the fiscal cliff and this is framed around that point, in the new year, with the bush year tax cuts expire, there's a housing tax cut that's going to expire-- this is where we got with the bubble. could we be headed back there. explain what housing is going to expire. >> this is called the mortgage debt relief act. put in place in 2007. distressed home owners selling in a short sales. that principal has been forgiven, maybe they sold for $100,000, and maybe it was 150,000, the 50,000 they don't have to pay taxes on it. with this act expiring that means they're going to have to pay taxes. this is staggering, the average short sale looking at about $95,000 is lost when a short sale happens and looking at the taxes if this cut is expired. people owe as much as $33,000
3:49 am
on principal balance that nobody is recouping. >> the government says we need the revenue. will it bring revenue. >> technically 1.3 billion dollars in revenue not very much. i think the the implications of-- 1.3 billion dollars versus what this could do to the housing market, actually to the economy as a whole, i don't think there's a comparison. >> clayton: yesterday, 4.8 billion, the government is spending, borrowing already. 1 billion as opposed to 4 per day. and how will it effect home owners less likely to buy homes, less likely to sell the home and stuck underwater and affect their credit with the tax cut expiring? >> there's huge implications, 14 million home owners underwater on their homes and 4 million homes already in the default process and short sales have been making up. home sales in general and distressed real estate.
3:50 am
40% of the sales and half has been short sales. by letting this tax cut expire you deincentivizes the process and we're going to see home prices come down if that happens and a lot of negative impact on the housing market. >> blight perhaps in other neighborhoods that affect someone who may stay in the neighborhood. >> great to see you and we'll certainly being keeping our eye on the mortgage forgiveness debt relief act. >> thanks for asking hee. >> clayton: a prank call to kate middleton's nurse ends in suicide. and dr. keith ablow is here to explain. and michigan will soon be a right to work state. will others follow? this holiday, share everything.
3:51 am
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3:54 am
>> the british nurse to received a prank call by an australia radio station asking for information on william's wife kate was found dead apparently from suicide. is the public humiliation to blame for this tragedy. a member of the fox medical a-team, hi, dr. ablow. >> good morning, ally. >> alisyn: there are so many questions what exactly what went wrong that led to this nurse's suicide, but it seems obvious that if this were just a simple prank call where no one was any the wiser after this prank was perpetrated, that would be one thing, but the fact that this reached international level of public humiliati humiliation, that that is probably what turned the tide for in nurse, do you agree? >> well, i agree it could be
3:55 am
that she was embarrassed and felt humiliated because of the scale of the reaction of the call. if this eventreceded her suicide tragically, then, it has to be that there was a preexisting condition, psychologically, that would lead her to take this event, this much to heart. >> alisyn: but, dr. ablow. >> that she wouldn't be able to live any further. most people would not have that reaction. >> alisyn: you say that, dr. ablow, but we've sadly seen other tragic cases of this. i think of tyler clemente, his roommate busting him in a sexual encounter and that happens every day, but he killed himself because it was put on the internet. there's something about public humiliation that ratchets up the shame so much more. >> i agree that public humiliation could be
3:56 am
incredibly painful to people and the rutgers event was many more humiliating, somebody having sex in a video and somebody whose sexual orientation was not before known to everyone and now it's broadcast before he necessarily wanted it to be known. >> alisyn: you don't see a parallel? >> not nearly at that level. and again, pranks are committed all the time. we have reality shows in in country where the pranks are much more serious and the people then say, oh, go ahead, broadcast it, it doesn't bother me at all. >> alisyn: doctor. >> if this nurse took her life it isn't because of this call, but the call could have stimulate add woman who was psychologically very vulnerable and that's sad, a deplorable act. >> alisyn: let me quickly read what the hospital has said in a letter to the radio station, it was extremely foolish for your presenters who try to lie through it one of the patience let alone to make the call and
3:57 am
discover not only had that happened, but the call had been pre-recorded and the decision to transmit approved by your station's management was truly appalling. dr. ablow, we have to leave it there, but we always appreciate your professional opinion. >> thanks, ali. >> alisyn: a brand new reality show makes the jersey shore look pg ap lawmakers are outrage over these antics. you've heard of helicopter parents, but are pet owners now protecting their pooches too much? we'll explore that.
3:58 am
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♪ ooh baby, can i do for you today? ♪ [ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance? align can help. nly align has bifantis, a patented probiotic that naturally helps maintain your digestive balance. try align to help retain a balanced digestive system. try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic. align. >> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, december 9th, i'm alisyn camerota. the president and the deficit. if he wants to see if it works, the lesson that california could give the rest of the nation. >> mike: hi, everybody. mtv's brand new reality tv show makes jersey shore look pg and lawmakers are outraged.
4:01 am
is it putting kids at risk? we report, you decide. >> clayton: and it was the encore of a lifetime. >> oh! >> what you don't see there, but do you here is is a soldier dad at his daughter's play with a surprise return. joining us live here on "fox & friends," hour two starts right now. ♪ >> and i admit that made me cry. >> clayton: buck wild? >> no, not buck wild, the girl. >> alisyn: and just when you think you can't get more creative, and they find a new way. it was during a school play and we'll show you how it
4:02 am
unfolded. >> clayton: and your worst gift someone has given? and they're tweeting those and we'll read those. and the fiscal cliff, put up the countdown clock, if you would. 23 days left. >> alisyn: is that a counttown clock. >> clayton: 23 days until my birthday, december 23rd, but the fiscal cliff could be more concerned than-- >> that could be a bad gift, the fiscal cliff. >> clayton: it could be. >> alisyn: the president's weekly address, in it he sounded more determined, really, than ever that $250,000 for small businesses or for house olds is his sticking point. he's not going to change that. let's listen to what he had to say about the fiscal cliff. >> congress can avoid all of this bypassing a law that pass as tax hike on the first $250,000 on everybody's income. that means 90% of americans and 90% of small businesses wouldn't see their income taxes go up by a single dime.
4:03 am
even the wealthiest americans would get tax cuts on the first $250,000 of their income. and families everywhere would enjoy some peace of mind. >> clayton: i think that republicans agree and a number of republicans say this, they're in a poor bargaining position. they he lost the election and polls show most americans agree with the president's position on tax hikes. furthermore, if this fiscal cliff happened 23 days from now, the president, if he doesn't do anything, those bush tax cuts expire, no negotiation at all. the bush tax cuts expire and the defense cuts go into place if the president basically doesn't return phone calls. >> speaking of polls, a lot of polls show if that happens, the republicans will be blamed for it, not the president. >> clayton: like 1995 all over again. >> mike: exactly. so representative randy forbes out of virginia says, maybe the president doesn't want an agreement really? listen. >> the president doesn't really want to get an agreement or a compromise, he wants to get his way and
4:04 am
that's why he won't come to the table with any serious proposal and simply talk because i think if we do that, we can get a solution that everybody could live with. we're willing to sit down and negotiate and talk about the ideas and proposals, where is the senate and the president. the american people can hear what they're putting on the table and second realizing the senate and president are just missing in action. >>. >> alisyn: so some republicans say if you want to know what happens with taxes, look at california. an interesting case study, there they have the battle initiatives and they have to vote how to pay for it. >> finally. >> alisyn: and one of the ways they decided was it tax the wealthy at a higher amount and what happens just this month, a last month is that they had a revenue shortfall of 800 million dollars. >> mike: close to 11%. >> alisyn: and the budget, what some people speculated some of the wealthiest people in california moved elsewhere
4:05 am
to neighboring states. and california being a mini, a little country and we can look to them as a prompt, maybe nationally. >> and marco rubio, yesterday, sort of a duelling saturday morning address to the president had this to say about looking-- he framed it and california was basically the example and listen to marco rubio. >> we must perform job killing tax code and getting rid of unjustified loopholes but our goals should be to generate new revenues. >> apple computer this past week made headlines, it looks like they may be making computers in america again, bringing back some of the assembly process. and tim cook says we could do it in california and open up a plant to do that and i said on varney and company, california, the one state with the most onerous regulation and perhaps job killing regulation they have to worry about. good luck, apple.
4:06 am
>> mike: i guess what marco rubio is saying he wants to create new taxpayers than taxes. >> clayton: if they're moving out of the state going to nevada or arizona because of the raiegulations. >> alisyn: and in america, you can move out of america, but most people would not. so you're stuck. >> clayton: where are you going to go? >> well, someone beautiful-- >> tijuana. >> alisyn: the rest of your headlines, u.s. and afghan soldiers carrying out a dramatic rescue mission. and an n.a.t.o. doctor held by the taliban. and the raid year the pakistan-afghanistan border. the doctor and two colleagues were captured by armed men while returning to a medical clinic. and defense department officials say that joseph was in good condition and probably return home in the next few days, the other hostages were released. just one week after the jovan
4:07 am
belcher tragedy, another nfl player is dead. police are charging dallas cowboys player brent with intoxication manslaughter, saying he was driving drunk, allegedly speeding when his car hit the curb, flipped at least one and skidded about a hundred yards and his passenger, linebacker, jerry brown, was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. brent only had minor scrapes. president obama is reversing the position from four years ago, accepting unlimited corporate donation toss pay for his inaugural event. during the first inauguration, he limited $50,000 to individual donors and political action will not be allowed to contribute. and critics say donations
4:08 am
looks like they get something in return. >> alisyn: and the jew he is rededicated had a temple in jerusalem, with a vile of oil it was only supposed to burn for one night, but miraculously burned for eight days. >> clayton: it's a circle so it wouldn't be called square. i learned that in pre-school. let's check with maria molina this morning, she is in for rick reichmuth looking at the cold, windy temperatures out there, hey, maria. >> maria: hey, good morning, good to see you. that's right, very chilly as we head out west across portions of the rockies and upper midwest and the temperatures are in the teens and factor in the wind it's going to be feeling 5 to 10 degrees colder than that. bundle up out the door and be safe as you do so in dakotas, wisconsin, because we're seeing snowfall out here, some places could pick up over half a foot of snow. 81 for a high over in tampa,
4:09 am
70 widespread from san antonio to new orleans, portions of raleigh and north carolina. so, enjoying more summer-like weather across portions of the southeast. we do have a large storm system producing showers and thunderstorms, in the northeast, chances of basically showers and storms later on today and parts of the mid atlantic and lower mississippi valley and further south a chance that some of the storms could produce severe weather, large hail and challenging wind gusts on the northern side the is snowfall, over six inches, minnesota and northern parts of wisconsin and we already have the snow coming down across minneapolis and just to the east of the city of rapid city. blizzard warnings effect across south dakota and minnesota because it's not just the snowfall, but when you factor in the gusts over 50 miles per hour, white-out conditions and across portions of the midwest, guys. >> mike: honey boo-boo, not you, maria. it's our next topic, an off
4:10 am
shoot of honey boo-boo. did you see the honey boo-boo in the one show top ten most fascinating people. >> now, mtv replacing the jersey shore with a new show out of west virginia called buck wild. it's a reality show, and here is the teaser that hit the web this past week, one guy in it yelling, i don't use social media, i don't use any of that facebook, i just do this, out here partying, so joe manchin, the senator and former governor of west virginia outraged and asking mtv to pull this off the air. >> alisyn: by the way, that probably won't work since governor chris christie of new jersey had the exact attitude about jersey shore, said no good could come from the show only serves to perpetuate false stereotypes, under pleasant sort of repugnant
4:11 am
images. the jersey shore people aren't in new jersey. >> mike: staten island, new york. >> alisyn: thank you. you've got to go deep into jersey to get this. and anyway, joe manchin wants mtv-- he knows it's only going to perpetuate stereotypes of west virginia and here is what he said. instead of showcasing the beauty of our state, you preyed on young people coaxing them into displaying shameful behavior and now you're profiting from it. >> clayton: i lived in west virginia, beautiful, beautiful people and towns and nicest people you would meet and never met anyone that looked or acted like the morons you're seeing in the show. i covered some depressed poverty stricken areas, certainly during floods and i never et met anyone like that. >> alisyn: they weren't doing geller shots and fist bumps constantly. >> clayton: driving around on
4:12 am
the back of a truck half naked, wait. >> alisyn: you did see that. >> clayton: this is voyeurism and i think you take these people in the midwest and out west, they can watch with a voyeuristic eye and maybe feel better about themselves? well, it's our own fault because we watch it and then it just-- >> a number one show. >> alisyn: you have to vote with your remote, rather than sensoring, you have to vote with your remote and not watch it, but we do tend to watch things that are sickening. >> clayton: let us know how you feel. will you watch this show, are you outraged by it, buck wild on mtv, >> mike: i wonder if we could increase our ratings, even though we're number one. with our shirts off, jello shots. >> clayton: with a gun in mud. >> alisyn: you guys? >> thanks, ali. hey, did you see this? a landmark decision in the state of michigan of all states that could change the fate of unions forever. we'll explain. >> alisyn: plus, you know it
4:13 am
takes a lot to get me to the gym so there must be something exciting happening at this gym. >> clayton: was hugh jackman there? >> it's called workout glam. those two words. ♪ she's a bad of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do. ♪ many hot dogs are within you. try pepto-bismol to-go, it's the power of pepto, but it fits in your pocket. now tell the world daniel... of pepto-bismol to-go.
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4:16 am
>> despite angry protests, the michigan g.o.p. passing legislation this week making michigan the 24th right to work state, the state of michigan the birthplace of the u.a.w. >> clayton: that's right, mike. the landmark decision banning unions to force workers to join a union. the man you're looking at it the mackinac center, vincent.
4:17 am
>> good to be on. >> clayton: does it set a precedence for unions? we're 24 states not a majority yet, but michigan, the birthplace of the labor movement there, labor union, is this setting a precedent for the the death of unions? >> i don't know if it's the death of unions, it's actually going to make unions stronger. it may be the start of the end of-- when you have like you said the birth the of the awe with, the fifth highest union membership in the country, traditionally considered a union strong hold giving workers the freedom to choose whether or not to join the union and still keep their jobs? it's historic after indiana did it and now michigan, some of the other midwestern states are going to have to take note if i want to be competitive i may have to give workers the same freedom. and may be setting a precedent. >> you just mentioned the word choice. that kind of is the american way, isn't it, vincent? how is it going to change
4:18 am
unions? >> well, what this does, it gives workers the option to choose whether or not to join a union. wages, hours and working conditions, basically almost over anything exempt the ability to get a worker fired for not paying them. so, what it really does, it makes unions more responsive to the members and they can't take it for granted. you say you think it makes them stronger and can't blindly look at members anymore and they have to, i don't know, coddle them, be closer to them? listen to their wants and wishes? that's how they become stronger as a result of this? >> yeah, it means that they actually have to listen to them, they can't use them as just a piggy bank that's going to be forcing them to-- forcing the forecast to pay them dues, they have to say, well, hey, what can i do to improve them instead of working my own special interest like they've been doing. >> how will this change the life of governor snyder, do
4:19 am
you think in michigan? >> oh, well, in the near-term he's going to have slog through some very, very strong protests and unions are mounting an offensive tomorrow, monday and see it when the bill is finally enacted and the signing ceremony on tuesday or wednesday and the next two years, have to defend it, likely on the ballot 2014. >> clayton: and looking perhaps another scott walker issue like we said. and vincent. thanks for joining us from michigan. >> mike: and barack obama promised to ground zero workers, two years later haven't seen it. >> clayton: you've heard of helicopter parents. are pet owners now protecting their pooches too much? some adoption agencies requiring you to guard your own dog. ♪
4:20 am
♪ instructions ? shouldn't something that's truly advanced, not need much explanation at all ? with the nokia lumia 822 on verizon, there's not much to learn because it's powered by windows... to let you do more than you ever imagined on your smartphone. exclusively with data sense-- a feature that makes the most of your plan. only on verizon.
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4:23 am
♪ >> button up my coat for inside the numbers. how many stressed sea turtles were flown, 35 of them. the cold waters, i'm sorry, giving them hypothermia. hey that, would make me stressed. next, two, how many times this guy was arrested this week for stealing the same car. does he have a soul patch or something else? california cops say he had a
4:24 am
bentley parked outside of the same house, smart move. finally, $30,000 how much you'll have to bid for luke skywalker's famous green light baber. and the prop is get to get between 30 and $50,000 on the auction block this week. ali, you know i'm in. >> i knew it, i knew you would be bidding object that. you've heard of helicopter parents, now it seems the overbearing, constant worrying and 24 hour monitoring has extended even to our pets. >> and you just ask begin mo tried it adopt a shelter dog, that process can be long and more intrusive than renting an apartment. our friend lenore is here again and an advocate against helicopter parenting and maybe need to expand that. the helicopter movement is hovering over our dogs and cats and turtles. nice to see you. >> nice to see you guys. >> did we get the helicopter parenting thing right.
4:25 am
hovering over our children. that's okay? >> the belief that your children can't do anything safely or successfully without you there. without you doing something for them or watching them 24-7 and we are seeing that drifting over into the world of pet adoption. >> like what? give us an example. >> people free range kids to say this is going nuts. in in case, it was a guy trying to adopt a dog and the shelter said, you can so long as you have a fenced in back yard and anytime the dog goes into the back yard, you go with him to guard the dog. i'm thinking, it's supposed to be-- remember when the dogs guarded people and stay there and bark and make sure this nothing bad happens-- >> i saw an application, when the dog goes into the back yard and-- >> that's the same application. and flood lights. you're watching the dog
4:26 am
constantly and flood lights, that's alcatraz. >> alisyn: not only that, even if you want to adopt a pet from a humane shelter, a multi-page application and references, you need a background check, interviews. >> right. >> alisyn: a home visit. >> a home visit, like adopting a child. >> alisyn: if their defense they're trying to avoid animal abuse. >> right, i totally believe in avoiding animal abuse. most people who adopt a pet. they show up, with the kids, and say i love animals and maybe fill out a little form, but the pages go on it and the assumption is that if you're not perfect parent, as of children or pets, you're not a good enough parent. i think you can be a good parent and love your children and pets and not obsess to the point where you have to have the flood lights and accompany them anytime. and let's see and this is great. doing a good job, yes, yes, here is goldstar, yes, good for you, and let me come and get it.
4:27 am
i mean, really, that's just a little much. >> mike: wait a minute. >> even when you adopt a cat, page after page, are you going to feed them the right food. >> mike: what's wrong with that lenore? >> what's wrong with that, if you love a cat and you can't afford the organic food and all you have is money for kibbles and friskies, that's okay, too, even if you're not outside with the dog or in fact with your child all the time. they're going to be okay, and the assumption is that the dog or the child is in constant danger and you're there to save them and that's a new way of looking the at everything. thinking of them as constantly vulnerable. kids or pets. something terrible is going to happen the second you go like this, god forbid you're doing your e-mails or making dinner, your dog is abducted and they're worried about abduction. one of the websites talked about if your dog-- to keep your dog safe, vary the times that you let him out because somebody could be timing-- >> setting up a pattern and kidnap your dog. >> yes, yes, like if your dog
4:28 am
is a-- maybe you have to worry about it. >> alisyn: lenore, nice to have you on. read more about these. >> thank you, free range kids, the book or blog. >> alisyn: great, thanks so much lenore. >> mike: still ahead on our program, the administration's school lunch makeover left kids with one response, we're hungry. we want meat. so will the government relent? we've got the details coming up. >> alisyn: how many times have i heard you say that. plus, workout glam you don't think those words go together? i'm going to prove you wrong. >> mike: i want meat ♪ ♪ great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself.
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4:32 am
night ♪ >> i have a question for the both of you. when you think of the statue of david, do you think of me? (laughter) >> maybe david's hair. >> mike: doesn't move. >> clayton: a little flock, a little curl. >> mike: in queens across the river in new york city, there's that. and been there since 1922. it's called triumph civic virtue. it it had to move. first at city hall park and controversially, even the sculpture back in 1915 when they worked on this thing, it
4:33 am
was controversial because he's standing on two women essentially. >> yes. >> he's standing on rocks and two women below him which represents evil, evil sirens and he's supposed to represent virtue. >> this big man is standing on supposedly vice and corruption, depicted by the artists as women and not just that our social mores have changed, and even then people protested this stat, back then. >> clayton: now they want to move it again. it's been moved once, the p.c. police out in force to move this thing, how do, all right, i'm picturing my seven month old daughter, she's a little older and says, daddy, why is the man is a standing on a woman. >> alisyn: what was your explanation, pray tell? >> i don't know. i'd have to call in the reinforcements, i'm not there yet, she can't speak. >> alisyn: thank goodness,
4:34 am
figure it out before that. >> mike: the sculpture had an answer, in 1922, he says the guy is supposed to be virtues, strong and the women were supposed to be vice and corruption. >> alisyn: yeah. >> mike: which are tempting things that you might want to do and for him, women were something that were tempt to go him. >> did he say that or are you putting that through? because i haven't heard him say that. >> mike: i went to high school with him. he said that. >> alisyn: and it's fine to have art depict sexism, that's great, art is a great communicator of different issues, all he said, look, i'm blamed for choosing a male figure to suggest strength. no, that's not the only reason, it's just you're trampling on women and depicting the women as the evil-- >> vice and corruption. >> alisyn: tony soprano also depicts vice and corruption, he's not a woman. >> and what if it was the reverse, a woman was standing on two men?
4:35 am
is that going to be okay? >> yeah, somehow is feels-- >> and right, right. >> exactly. and you put it that way. >> in high heels. >> that's probably a double-- >> sexism in reverse. >> let us know how you feel about it. >> alisyn: i'm getting lots of e-mails. >> clayton: people disagree. >> alisyn: i'm saying some say it should be banned. >> clayton: all right, and tell me how to tell this to my seven month old daughter. >> alisyn: and two more u.s. navy ships are moving to the pacific to monitor north korea's rocket launch. u.s.s. john mccain and north korea plans to launch a satellite and they're believed to be long range missiles, similar launch failed back in april. officials say the ships will shoot down any missiles that threaten the philippines or japan. several friends of a penn state cheerleader of expected
4:36 am
to be charged with giving her alcohol before she fell out of a window. she suffers severe brain damages and shattering her pelvis. those charges will likely face probation. ground zero first responders sickened after the september 11th terror attack can forget about financial hope from uncle sam at the moment. the new york post reporting nearly two years after the president some kind the 9/11 health and compensation act. no one has gotten a dime. a government officials claims most of the applications received have arrived incomplete. and some say that's hard to believe. an injured soldier honored for bravery and sacrifice in afghanistan. afghanistan. [applause]. [applause]. >> . >> clayton: one year ago, army staff sergeant was hit by an ied, he lost his sight and broke every bone in his face and 26 surgery, the father of four still has fot gotten
4:37 am
discouraged. >> to make it to this one year mark and get to celebrate my survival is amazing. >> i'm so proud of him. he's come a long way. >> and the hometown of richfield, ohio referred to december 8th as arrive day. those are your headlines. >> a lot of people are going to get slammed by bad weather today. >> yeah, 40 mile per hour winds and let's check with maria molina in for rick. where is all of this mess happening? >> hey, good morning, good to see you. we're actually going to see bad weather here in new york city with the rain moving through the next couple of hours so it will be kind of a messy day out here, across new york city and the rest of the northeast, not as bad as what you're going to see if you head westbound, new york city in the upper 40's as we head westbound, currently in the single digits in rapid city, 70 degrees right now. teens for denver, 30 over at minneapolis like you guys
4:38 am
mentioned, nasty across the midwest ap the south and snowfall and possible blizzard conditions and in the south possible severe weather in the form of large hail, damaging wind gusts and isolating tornado. back to you guys. >> thank you. >> you guys both know as i'm sure everyone watching knows i need a good reason to get to the jim and fitness is not a great reason. between december 10th and 21st he, any woman whether a recommend or not can stop into a new york sports club for a free workout and a free hair blow dry for her holiday party. it's so good i had to check it out myself. >> now it makes sense. >> ♪ your name is jerry nicole love. >> yes. >> but they call you love. >> yes. >> alisyn: do they feel that way after the workout? >> i think they want to call me tough love. ♪ >> this is a version of our
4:39 am
class had a we're going to be providing here, glitz and glitz, during the holiday season and the behind the interval training is the metabolic rate that you increase after the workout so you're going to be burning more calories. >> the some people get in shape after the new years resolution. >> exactly. >> the idea is not to sacrifice during the holiday season, if you have an after work party, get a solid 30 minute workout and feel good about the fact that you got a 300, 500 calorie workout out. >> alisyn: sometimes you work out and your hair is greasy, sweaty, a shower, reapply your makeup and sometimes it's a big time commitment, you've taken care of that. >> with glitz and glitz, you get your 30 minute workout and go downstairs and get your blowout. you go with the glam and knowing you're kicking butt. >> what we find is that people
4:40 am
who do an intense workout like this are less inclined to indulge and get hors d'oeuvres on a napkin versus a plate. >> how long is this circuit? >> depends how fast you go through it. should take you no more than 30 minutes. >> i like that, get the workout over with, and partying can begin. >> and the party? >> yeah, do i have to work out first. >> yes, you do. >> alisyn: all right. let's do it. show me some moves. ♪ >> and get that belly button, tight, tight, tight, tight. >> alisyn: i know, that you're using that as a euphemism. >> you want to try to catch it, catch it. >> alisyn: when women come here to have a workout, then what happens. >> go down to the locker room, get their outfits on and
4:41 am
makeup on and we style them and get them ready to go. >> alisyn: you were to do a rigorous workout. how long would it take you to get ready without the professionals? >> hours, hours to get ready. >> alisyn: what do you have on tap tonight? >> just going to meet my husband and some of our friends and have our holiday dinn dinner. dinner. >> . >> clayton: all right, ladies, you sure don't look like you just left the gym. you look great. are you ready for your big night out? >> yeah. >> okay, great, have a great time at all of our holiday parties, thanks so much. they look terrific. >> see, this is why i don't go to the gym because you have to do your hair afterwards. they do it for you. >> mike: no excuse. >> alisyn: isn't it brilliant? >> you looked terrified in the workout, but in your element at the hair portion. >> alisyn: and your point. >> mike: and maybe for guys get the back waxed. >> clayton: i'm going to start that today. and going to put that in my
4:42 am
ideas. >> alisyn: in addition to that, blitz and glitz boston to d.c. and ladies on the east coast, check it out. >> clayton: a workout and a wax. even i like it, let's go in on that. >> mike: we're going to be millionaires. >> clayton: coming up on the show, the united nations demanding more money from rich nations. now, ne want to pay for climate change. more on that outrage coming up next. >> mike: and then she was the star of the show until her soldier dad stole the spotlight from her. what a big surprise. this one is going to make you cry after the break, but it's a good thing. ♪ than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8.
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4:45 am
>> and welcome back, the u.n. secretary-general moon turning heads with this comment about global warming. saying, quote, the climate
4:46 am
change phenomenon has by the development of the the industrial world and fair and responsible that the developed world should bear the responsibility for paying for it. >> should the united states really be forced to pay up? joining us now, jay kingman fellow, an international regulatory affairs at the herridge foundation, and that's a long title. welcome to the program. >> thanks for having me on. >> mike: don't we pay enough already to the u.n., the united states? >> well, especially you need to consider how much you're actually talking about here. talking about almost 2% of global gdp, which is over a trillion dollars and that could end up costing the united states a significant part of its own economy and millions of jobs. so, this is a very serious decision not only in terms of what to do about the world, but very much in terms of what the impact of this is going to be on the united states economy, and jobs. especially in this down turn of the economy. >> right, and you know, the united states and other
4:47 am
industriallized countries have taken great efforts to minimize the amount of air pollution which could be leading to global warming or not the. and they have regulations in place. if the-- i would argue the unindustrialized world, some of the third world countries and countries that have more amounts of pollutants and don't have the environmental regulations that other parts of the industriallized world would do, is that wrong? >> well, the rapidly developing countries in the developing world, china and india in particular are actually the source of most of the increasing greenhouse fasts that we've seen in recent years and the united states is at a level of greenhouse gas emissions it hasn't been at in over a decade. so, partially due to our own repressed economy, but partialingly due to the fact that you're talking about regulations and alternative fuels, the u.s. economy and other industriallized economies have actually seen their emissions stabilize or even fall over the past decade. >> yeah, and china, they're a big polluter. i mean, if you go into a store
4:48 am
and you break something, you pay for it. so, if we can prove that a country is a big polluter, why shouldn't they pay? >> the problem is that even if the united states, all the other stilllized countries complied with what the secretary-general was talking about, it actually wouldn't do anything in terms of greenhouse gas emissions because the growth in the greenhouse gas emissions is coming with the developing world and it would be almost symbolic gesture in terms of global warming which is their theory and do nothing in terms of actually arresting the cause of global warming they attribute to greenhouse gas activity. >> what do you think causes global warming? >> i think it's a very complicated issue, when you take a look at what the u.n. models that are projecting global warming do, when they use them to project climate, they can't replicate past
4:49 am
climate. and using those models to project forward, it raises questions how reliable they are. >> or the u.n. accounting, how reliable that is. and we've got to leave it there and a fascinating insight. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me on, i appreciate it. >> and was it all pray and no play? leaders behind a mosque at ground zero claimed to be used as a community center for glasses and programs, but that doesn't seem to be the case, what's really going on down there? and also the encore of a lifetime, a dad stealing the spotlight from his daughter when he has a surprise return. we'll have that next. ♪ initiated.
4:50 am
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4:53 am
>> there's a perfect finale for one dad. he surprised his daughter during the production of her high school play. >> oh! (applause). >> . >> clayton: oh, so sweet. the video posted on welcome home and already has more than 86,000 hits on it. joining us from las vegas this morning, master sergeant michael culture and his 17-year-old daughter, great to see you guys. >> good morning, great to see you.
4:54 am
>> alisyn: sergeant, what do you think when you see the video? >> oh, my god, i still can't watch it, i break down and cry, it was such an emotional moment. >> alisyn: i bet it was and tell us how you concocted this plan to surprise your daughter? >> well, you know, this is my fifth deployment and i have not really had an opportunity to surprise her like that so when i found out i was going to be able to come home on a day that she had a performance, i contacted my wife and asked her to get with the school so maybe we could make this work it out and the school was great, and the wife was great, teacher was great and they did the coordination, all i had to do is show up. >> alisyn: and you also had to duck down anytime they turned the lights on, you had to hide in the back and tell us about this moment. what was going through your mind when you saw your dad there? >> i honestly was just very surprised, very shocked. he kept telling me he wasn't going to be home for a little bit longer, a little bit longer, and so i was really
4:55 am
upset he was going to miss it and when my teacher was talking and see my dad start walking up, i lost it, i couldn't control it. >> alisyn: oh, and i mean, your dad was going to miss your school play, obviously, that's a big milestone, but your dad i'm sure has missed a lot of milestone, as you said, it's your fifth deployment. what's it like for you as a teenager to have your dad away so much? >> it's really tough on kids. and it forces you to grow up a lot. and sooner than what most people want to, but it also makes you very strong and gives you more appreciation for what the air force and army and marines do and everything, so. it's very tough, but very nice. >> alisyn: that's a great perspective. sergeant, you must be so proud of her. >> i could not be prouder of this girl is everything, everything that's good about me and nothing that's bad. >> alisyn: that's a great formula for-- obviously. >> yes. >> alisyn: and you've done
4:56 am
something write, but you have a great perspective and you recognize the sacrifices that your dad is making and tell us. >> yes. >> alisyn: what those do mean to you? >> it means so much. i know my dad is going out there and risking his life as much as any other children's parents or anybody else in that business. it is something that i -- a lot more people should look into and respect a little more now days, it's very good and it's, it's very much needed, so-- >> did you finish the play after that moment? >> oh, my goodness, yes, it was right after curtain. i was helping with an auction so there's little a bunch of people and i'm glad it wasn't in the middle or else i don't think i could have performed. >> she melted in my arms, amazing, we'll never forget it. >> alisyn: thanks so much for sharing with our viewers and with us. master sergeant, thanks for seeing you together. >> thank you. >> alisyn: thanks for coming
4:57 am
in. >> appreciate it. >> alisyn: sure. well, the president says we can avoid the fiscal cliff, where is the compromise? we'll talk to chris wallace about that coming up. could the twinky be here to stay? one man trying to save hostess from extinction. ♪ o is for the only one i see ♪ ♪ v is very, very extraordinary ♪ ♪ e is even more ♪ [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you don't back down from a challenge. this is the age of knowing how to make things happen. sowhy let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra.
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5:00 am
>> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, december 9th, i'm alisyn camerota. and forget the fiscal cliff. deal or no deal. a new wave of taxes are the set to kick in next month, because of obamacare, will it be on the edge? , we'll break it down. >> mike: good morning, i'm mike in for dave. like the federal government do you have the urge to splurge? why impulse buying may be
5:01 am
costing you and your family an extra $200 per month. >> plus, the twinky, may be here to stay after all. how one man is trying to save hostess from the brink of extension. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. >> ♪ >> good morning, everyone, thanks so much. mike jerrick is here. >> mike: hello, can i say quickly? tomorrow is my brother, tom jerrick's birthday in maryland, and he's always at church every sunday morning, say hi to tom jerrick. >> clayton: so he was the disciplined one of the family. >> alisyn: we're getting this, you were the black sheep. >> mike: what are you trying to say? we have six kids. >> clayton: i'm saying that he's the colonel and you're not. >> mike: i'm just corny. mike jerrick is here everyone, great to see you and we have been focusing on the fiscal
5:02 am
cliff, and roll up the thing on the bottom of the screen, because 23 days left until the ticker goes. >> when you say jump, they say how high, now what i'm saying? you call for something and they say let's do it. >> they say we're going to do you one better, we're not going to put up the number, we're putting up the hours and minutes until it happens. >> alisyn: 23 days the point that clayton is trying to make. throw it out and obamacare, the new tenants of the president's-- >> i wasn't lying. >> alisyn: of the president's health care reform care flan in effect january 1st and let's break down some of the new costs that will be hitting some americans, investment income for households earning more than $250,000 will be taxed at 3.8% more, regular income above 200,000, a .9% medicare tax. >> clayton: the bottom line, the end of the day as these things go into effect. you're working just as hard. you work as hard as you are
5:03 am
now, 40 hours 0 week or more, overtime and your check will be less, that's the bottom line and for small businesses, the argument from the republican side, look, $250,000, that's what small businesses, those are small businesses who employ a certain amount of employees, not just two individuals living in a house old. that will affect them and their inability to hire and the weariness in the market for how much investment they make in construction equipment and other sorts. >> growing their business for over the next year, if they can't do those things it's going to affect them this way and the taxes on medical twice devices and passed on to you. >> clayton: and the housing tax. a few hours ago, we had a housing expert on and the tax break for being able to sell your house on short sale will expire, also, the intensive to not go through foreclosure, but sell the house it will be rolled back. >> alisyn: happy new year and
5:04 am
all of these things we'll be getting our arms around. and an interesting study when people go out and do christmas shopping and we don't know if this can be translated into the federal level, but that people do a lot of impulse buying, apparently that costs the average u.s. consumer an extra $200 a month. when you go to the mall or to the shopping center and you have your list, you should stick to your list because what ends up happening is that you buy all of these extras and have more credit card debt. and the biggest thing that people buy on impulse, women, clothing and shoes, 47% that responded said-- >> do you do that? you're trying to be disciplined, but if you see a pair of shoes, you may make a snap judgment? >> no, i'm not really a shoe person, but if i see a nice put of clothing, i know, my shoes-- >> apparently you're not. >> and these are-- >> backing up the argument. >> alisyn: but clothing, sir. >> my wife, she was busy and had work to do. i said what are you doing on
5:05 am
the computer? i'm looking at boots i think i need these. every season you say you need new boots, what happened to last year? that's for a different kind of climate, a different type of environment. i don't know, i think i need these. >> mike: but clayton, i know you do this i follow you on twitter. you look at techie stuff like she looks at boots. >> clayton: i do, but i don't impulse buy them because i research them. >> alisyn: you're different 21% of the respondents of the survey say that they do spend, they do impulse buy technology. >> clayton: i think where they get you, this is what they do, they get you, right? it's the checkout aisle. you're in home depot and have lumber on a cart and bringing the lumber up to the front and check out and suddenly a box of chicklets up there, i need some gum and kit cats. >> mike: my co-anchor in philadelphia, chanel marie jones, where she buys her
5:06 am
socks? whole foods at a grocery store. >> clayton: she wants organic cotton. >> mike: they're hideous, horrifying. >> alisyn: impulse buy. >> mike: impulse. >> clayton: that's why the walgreen's and other stores worked so well when other stores have gone out of business, drug stores and you're there to get a prescription and you know what-- >> i didn't know we were blowing 200 a month. >> and that's a lot of chicklets. let's get to your headlines and what else is happening, u.s. soldiers carrying out a dramatic rescue mission in the middle of the night as they saved a colorado springs doctor held by the taliban in afghanistan. the dr. joseph and two of his colleagues were abducted last wednesday leaving a medical clinic and taken to the pakistan border and defense department officials say he was beaten up by his captures and expect today return back to the u.s. in the next few days. the other two hostages were released earlier this weekend. one week after that jovan belcher tragedy, another nfl player is dead and teammate is
5:07 am
charged. and charging josh brent with intoxication manslaughter, saying he was driving drunk yesterday morning and allegedly speeding when he hit the curb, flipped once and jerry brown, passenger, was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. and the prank call to the kate middleton's hospital is under investigation. the nurse killed herself after she was duped by two dj's thinking that the queen was calling. and the dj's have been suspended indefinitely and the radio station will review the policies and cooperate with any investigation. and it's all pray and no play. the controversial ground zero mosque a cultural center is now an empty space with no community programs and worshippers gather at the site for prayer services and that's the only activity. last year, the power company
5:08 am
con-edson which owns half threatened to evict because of unpaid back rent. clayton, favorite of the day. >> clayton: the twinkies, and ding-dongs and ho ho. a massachusetts man wants to save hostess. he sent a four page handwritten letter and he said i'm not typing it. no, i love hostess so much i'm writing it out and contacted the ceo. the bankruptcy judge and the supreme court justice john roberts offering to buy the company. sheridan explained that he's been want to go buy a company for a long time and doesn't have the money to do it and even though the offer is is a long shot. the court will consider it. the deadline to those interested in buying hostess is tomorrow. mike, i know you've been wanting to buy a company. >> here is my note now, dear hostess, i want to buy your ho-hoes, the ho-ho of the ding-dong division. >> you don't want the devil dog division. (laughter) >> yeah, you're so-- >> we'll see if no money is a
5:09 am
problem. >> clayton: a handwritten letter. >> alisyn: let's go out to maria molina, how the weather is. >> maria: good morning, good to see you. the last couple of weeks we've been enjoying mild conditions with temperatures above average, a lack of snow across portions of the midwest and now we're going to start to see a shift in the weather pattern and have the cold air bottled up over parts of canada, dipping southward and take out the snow boots across the portions of the midwest and into the great lakes and the bigger winter jackets because it's going to start to get very cold out there with current temperatures right now in the single digits across portions of the northern plains. as we head into monday, cold air will spread further south and eastward into portions of the northeast, interior portions and by monday, new york city will feel the impacts. otherwise high temperatures today. live in the southeast, no cold air for you, 81 degrees, over in tampa, very warm. and from san antonio to new orleans, memphis, atlanta, raleigh and as we head northbound, teens will be the
5:10 am
high temperatures over in rapid city and 22 in the city of denver and 25 degrees in missoula, we have some significant snowfall to talk about portions of south dakota, minnesota and wisconsin with over six inches of snow possible. some places locally up to a foot of snow and be careful here, and any driving you have to do today and you factor in the wind gusts and blizzard conditions possible across parts of south dakota and minnesota and wind gusts over 40 miles per hour possible and a storm in effect now. headed southbound, temperatures are warm and we're not going to see snow, but thunderstorms that could produce severe weather from parts of texas into western tennessee and isolated tornados possible so of course, stay alert out here across parts of the south. >> a giant twinky. >> what's a twinkie made out of. >> clayton: whatever that is made out of. >> alisyn: a longstanding mystery. thanks so much. >> clayton: thanks, maria. the president says we can
5:11 am
avoid the fiscal cliff. where is the the compromise we've been hearing about? we'll ask chris wallace about the negotiating tactics next. >> alisyn: and then, kill a python get $1600, where and why the hunt is on now. ♪ music: "make someone happy" music: "make someone happy" ♪it's so important to make someone happy.♪ it's so important to make meone happy.♪ ♪make just one someone happy ♪and you will be happy too. flavor boost, meet beef. it's swanson flavor boost. concentrated broth to add delicious flavor to your skillet dish in just one stir. mmm! [ female announcer ] cook, meet compliments. get recipes at
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[ male announcer ] with free package pickup from the u.s. postal service the holidays are easy. visit pay, print, and have it picked up for free before december 20h for delivery in time for the holidays. you can even give us special instructions on where to find it. free package pickup. from the u.s. postal service. because it's nice to have an extra pair of hands around for the holidays. or that printing in color had to cost a fortune. nobody said an all-in-one had to be bulky.
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or that you had to print from your desk. at least, nobody said it to us. introducing the business smart inkjet all-in-one series from brother. easy to use. it's the ultimate combination of speed, small size, and low-cost printing. >> welcome back, a little way from three weeks away from falling off that fiscal cliff. while the president says it can be avoided is it willing to compromise on the tax cuts for the rich? is a plunge inevitable or can we prevent it. >> mike: joining us from washington d.c., chris
5:15 am
wallace. >> hey, guys. >> mike: chris, answer the question with 23 days left. what's going to happen? >> well, you know, i have to say, mike, that as time has gone on and as we've seen a distinct lack of progress i'm growing increasingly pessimistic, couple of weeks ago, you would say it's so crazy and they've got the to make a deal eventually and i would assume they'll reach a compromise to raise some revenue and cut some spending, reform some entitlements to avoid this bad situation which we're calling the fiscal cliff, when you have automatic tax increases and spending cuts, but as we, you know, the time goes, it's been three weeks since the election, i'm growing increasingly pessimistic. >> we're been talking about it on the show, chris, and brought up a couple of times that the president, if he does nothing, the tax cuts expire, and the defense cuts go into place, which is largely what
5:16 am
the democrats want to have happened and republicans now making the argument. perhaps the president is not going to negotiate because he wants to simply step back and want things to unfold. do you buy that. i think he does want to compromise because if this were to go on long enough. i don't think it happens the first week after the fiscal cliff, but if you continue with this and all of the things that happen, all of the bush tax cuts expire, not only on the rich, but also the middle class, the spending cuts, about 100 million in the first year, you could grow according to the congressional budget office or unemployment back over 9% and the president clearly doesn't want that, but you're right the fact that the bush tax cuts on the rich expires, if nothing happens gives a lot of leverage, not like the republicans had a lot of bargaining. >> i don't know if you heard the same thing that i did, in his weekly address. the president sounding more firm about that $250,000 number than we had known
5:17 am
because he always said that number, $250,000 and taxes he wanted to raise above that for house olds, but then there was times when joe biden says maybe a ll or a time the president said now is not the time in a recession to raise taxes on anybody, so it sounded like that might be a point of compromise, but yesterday he said on this i will not budge. >> i don't think he's going to budge on that for another reason. first of all, he did campaign on it and win on it. i mean, he talked about raising taxes on people making more than $250,000 a year. the top 2%, you can argue whether that's good for the economy or bad for the economy. he won so he sees it as something of a mandate. in addition to which, i don't think that they can get enough money, they need, he says, 1.6 trillion and i think it's going to be certainly, north of a trillion dollars in new revenue to accomplish a big budget deficit reduction, and you can't do that unless you start at about 250,000.
5:18 am
i think there might be promise not to go up in the clinton tax rate of maybe 37 something like that, but on the 250, i don't think there's much budge. >> mike: schumer, cork her and wallace, not a law firm, but on your show today. >> we're going to be talking with charles schumer of new york state he's of course one of the leading liberal democrats and bob corker conservative republicans, maybe they can figure out the basis of a deal and the other thing we're going to look at, very concerning and that of course is syria, growing concerns that assad as the noose begins to tighten is going to use chemical weapons against his own people. and we'll talk to the israeli ambassador to the u.s. and if anybody is interested in the possible use of chemical weapons in syria it's the people across the border in israel. >> clayton: that's fox news sunday today, must-see television. thanks, chris, always great to see you on a sunday.
5:19 am
>> alisyn: thanks, chris. >> bye, guys. >> mike: is there such a thing as a free lunch? 30 million dollars in taxpayer dollars were supposed to help kids affected by big hurricane sandy. instead, all of new york city's kids are now eating free. >> alisyn: then, is it time to sack the gangnam style? this dancer, you know him international sensation, he's under fire for calling for the death of our troops years ago, but he'll still get to perform for the president. we've got the outrage from a mom whose son paid the ultimate sacrifice next. ♪
5:20 am
5:21 am
5:22 am
>> this is the most viewed youtube video ever. a smash hit in the u.s. now gaining nam style, the
5:23 am
rapper behind it is expected to perform at a concert president obama is to attend. ♪ gangnam style ♪ >> back in 2004, the rapper psy is his name cursed the united states calling for a slow and painful death of american soldiers and their families. so, does he deserve such a privilege of playing for the president? mother of mark alan lee, the first navy seal killed in iraq and mighty warriors, debby lee joins us this morning. thank you for coming on our show this morning to talk about this. >> you bet, thank you so much for having me. >> clayton: when you first heard about this white house christmas special going to be airing on tnt. four days before christmas and the president will be in attendance. what was your response? >> i was disgusted. to know that an individual who had called, as you said, for the slow and painful death of our troops and their families, is in a place of honor and
5:24 am
performing before our president was just disgusting to me. how do we allow that to happen and how do we choose those as role models that get that honor? this is someone that should be on a no-fly list or a terrorist watch list for saying the things that he said. it's just disgusting to me. >> and debby, we can't repeat the things that he said this morning, they're too vile and violent, having said that, this was eight years ago, he says that he was, at the time expressing his anti-war sentiment and he didn't write the lyrics, he was singing them along with the it group that wrote them. let me read the apology. >> grateful for the freedom to express themselves i have since learned what language is appropriate. i will be forever sorry for any pain i've caused anyone by those words and it sounds like his position has evolved. >> you know, my issue with this, this was years ago he did this.
5:25 am
why all of a sudden the day before yesterday is he putting out this apology because he knows that this could jeopardize his career and his sales in america. to me, again, that's just another marketing ploy. i don't see any value in it that many years later. that he's doing this, it's just to protect his career and his sales in america. >> and my reaction, yesterday was the first time that we learned about this. i mean, i don't think that most people knew that this song existed until maybe a few days ago. and what do you want to have happen now? now that the white house is aware of it, now that tnt and turner broadcasting is aware of that christmas special. what do you want them to do? >> he needs to be pulled from the program. i spent two hours last night trying to get through to the white house and had a busy signal for two hours i could not get throughout. there was a petition that was posted by kristin taylor on saturday, about ten o'clock in the morning, getting people to sign, to have him removed from that concert.
5:26 am
and five hours after that was up on "we the people" on our white house website, it was removed because it didn't fit the scope of the petitions on there. and again, for me, this is just our president and again, who doesn't want to hear from americans. he doesn't support our troops. and it just disgusts m this continues to happen. our men and women are going to sacrifice their lives for you, for me, for the freedoms na we enjoy every single day, just as my son did. and then, we have someone like this individual who has called for the murder of our troops and our families, being in a place of honor, that's disgusting and our white house needs to listen to us and need to remove him from that program. >> and of course, lost in all of this debate are the sacrifices that people like your son paid. can you tell us a little about mark? >> you bet. an amazing young man, that young man stood out in the line of fire three different times the day he was killed, defending his teammates and
5:27 am
freedoms that we enjoy in america, he was 28 years old when he gave his life. a man with a great sense of humor and lots of compassion and impacted so many lives and he wrote a letter two weeks before he was killed that literally impacted millions and millions around the world and that's who he is. that's his character, he's been gone for six years and still impacting people all over the world and i miss him very much, especially at the highlights, that's a difficult time. but i know at the holidays, we've got troops that are serving that are, you know, some giving their lives for you and me today and we need to make sure we don't forget our troops and don't forget their families and especially the families of the fallen. >> debby lee, we honor yo sacrifice and all the brave men and women serving the country during this christmas holiday as well. thank you for sharing your story. >> you bet. merry christmas to our troops
5:28 am
and their families. >> still ahead, are the evens to if a seeing and depression in your head? our next guest has a break through technique that helps thousands of people. >> we've got the six gifts you should never give to anyone this holiday season. get out your pen and pad of paper. we'll be right back. ♪ this holiday, share everything. share "not even close." share "you owe me..." share "just right." the share everything plan. sharable data across 10 devices
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with unlimited talk and text. get a droid razr m by motorola for $49.99.
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♪ >> and doing a mashup. and there is our beautiful plaza decorated. >> clayton: and dean martin and martina mcbride. >> alisyn: modern science. >> clayton: welcome back to "fox & friends" this sunday and hope you're gearing up for a great christmas holiday and hope maybe you've gotten shopping done. and perhaps you haven't. we need to pay attention to this we've been talking throughout the show about the six gifts you should never give anyone, the gift that's all about me, like a photo of yourself or the book you hope you'll read because they're
5:33 am
not going to read it. a pre gifting gift, also. >> trying to show off gift. >> aren't i cool. >> a gift that sends a message. >> like here is a gym membership. >> right. >> alisyn: so you shared with us, some of the worst gifts you've gotten and given. this is from michael in ohio, my wife wanted a storm door and like an idiot, i got her what i wanted, men are so stupid. >> clayton: michael, this is the problem, we're told we need to listen to our wives and women. >> alisyn: not when we say we want an appliance. and not when-- >> and a vacuum. when you say, honey, i want a vacuum. >> alisyn: not for christmas. a random day. >> and he goes out to target and buys you a vacuum and not only that, buys you the warranty. >> and my worst christmas gift was from my boyfriend of five years, i'm not talking about myself. >> good. >> i received a note that said, dinner of your choice written on a torn piece of
5:34 am
notebook paper. to say the least, we broke up shortly after. >> iou. he was laterally running downstairs to exchange gifts and ripped off the note paper. >> alisyn: homemade gift is nice, but not on a scrap piece of paper. brenda, my mother in daughter gave my eight-year-old daughter a soap dish from her bedroom because she forgot to buy her something and left the used soap in it. >> mike: that's the worst i have i think i've heard. >> clayton: and the worst was an open, half empty jar of salted peanuts. i've got one for you, i'll top that. we had a christmas party at my parents house when i was a kid and neighbors came and people from 40 miles away and spent the day and forward, all sorts of stuff. at the end of the night we're opening a gift and going through and i opened the gift. mom, this candle. nice, it's already been burned (laughter) >> and the wick was half down and souped up, where it was
5:35 am
burned. and somebody grabbed a house candle and put it in a bag, here you go. >> mike: i admit i purchased a christmas gift in an airport. snow globe. >> alisyn: and then emblazoned with the name of the random city where you are? >> yeah, layover in minneapolis. >> nice, keep them coming and you can find us all on twitter as well. here are your headlines. egyptian president morsi, giving up powers he gave himself. and the protests continue because he refuses to remove the islamist backed, and egypt warns that the consequences will be disastrous and it's preparing to tighten security. he says no such thing as a free lunch and the federal government giving new york city schools 30 million dollars to provide kids with free lunches throughout the
5:36 am
end of the year. and it was supposed to help victims of super storm sandy, but made available to all students now and critics say it should be fixing homes rather than kids not affected by the storms and it leaves out long island and new jersey children also affected. would you mess with a 15 foot python like this for just 1600 bucks? the florida fish and wild life conservation commission offering a cash prize to whoever kills the most pythons in the florida everglades. they hope the hunting will help the growing population and preserve the endangered species that they eat. >> clayton: do you get hazard pay. >> alisyn: contest starts january 12th. >> mike: i can see a history channel show. >> clayton: swamp men, python men. wif we've got sports. one of the greatest boxers knocked out in big fashion.
5:37 am
and mitt romney was there. and manny pacquiao, trading shots and each fighter knocked town through the first five rounds and with one second left in the 6th, marquez landed a booming right that put pacquiao face first on the mat, and marquez wins by knockout. the fourth time they've met up and with pacquiao 34, have we seen the last of the boxing legend. why would you box the guy power finals? eventually he'll get it right. >> mike: his name is packy ow! packy-ow!. >> clayton: he'll probably run for political office. >> mike: let's get out to our favorite m & m, maria molina. >> maria: that's cute. i like that nickname. it's starting to smell like rain in new york city and the clouds rolling in and winds picking up and colder, temperatures in the upper
5:38 am
40's, but it definitely feels like low 40's. we expect the rain to continue to pick up through the afternoon hours into the overnight and even continue for the start of your work week on monday, as we head westbound, things are much worse and colder, and looking at temperatures, high temperatures, that is, only in the teens, forecast across places like the dakotas, parts of minnesota only temperatures into the 20's, a cold one and we have snow across portions of the midwest and keep that in mind. significant accumulations of over 6 inches of snow locally up to a foot of snow in portions of central minnesota so again, a lot of snow out here, please be careful if you're doing any driving and factor in the wind and we do have blizzard warnings in south dakota and western parts of the state of minnesota and they're going to blow around and not a good day to hit the roads out here. blizzard warnings throughout the day and in effect for the city of minneapolis.
5:39 am
back to the studio. >> thanks, maria. >> we're going to talk about the big five and when you're feeling under the weather, chances are you're headed straight to the doctor's office, but overall medical diagnosis is easier said than done. especially when it comes to your mental health. >> clayton: saying that about mike for years. could medical doctors even tell exactly what's going on inside of your head? our next guest says he has a break through technique and he's here to share it. >> and it's helped thousands of people reclaim the individual wellness and the doctor joins us now to explain. great to have you. >> thank you, doctor. >> so you have a very newfangled nutrition plan and you have to sort of see into people's brains and their brain chemistry where you can figure out how to fix their fatigue and nutrition problems, how do you that that? >> it's like an x-ray for a broken bone and we're able to take a map or what i kind a mind map of the brain
5:40 am
chemistry in action. >> how do you do that a year in the brain. >> from a urine sample and measures the dopamine and seratonin and from that in the brain. >> clayton: let's look at the big five, you're looking for fat deposits or-- >> when people's brain chemicals are low, they crave sugar, carbs and overeat. >> and if one of the chemicals is low we hear when people have a lack of sleep they tend to overeat and when the main is functioning, with the chemicals, chowdown. if you're not sleeping enough and chemical levels drop and the work that i do involves the lab tests and calibrate the chemicals and bring them back up. >> mike: i have belly fat, tired all the time. depressed, my hormones are going crazy and i have gas. >> alisyn: it's not pretty. >> all of the big five. >> mike: i'm a mess, a mess. >> this is the american
5:41 am
population. >> clayton: so you want me go pee in a cup and what are you going to determine from that. >> take some amino acid supplements and pee in a cup and we customize the program and recalibrate it. >> clayton: what does the program look like. if you've got mike's issues, all five. how do you then, first of all, assess it and we don't know the end result, but what sorts of things are you then giving him to balance those things out. >> simple, two amino acids, and don't try it on your own, you wouldn't want to try it on your own, but if you test accurately. you can-- get the right amount. >> mike: it's a pill. >> a natural supplement. >> alisyn: can't just eating better find the amino acid in your diet. >> i don't think that people can. if you look what people are eating and how stressed we are. i think we've passed the point where people sort this out on their own. and that's why 60% of the
5:42 am
population is overweight. >> mike: it's almost like an mri, mapping the mind. >> the mri maps the structures of the brain, but this is the chemicals in the brain. >> kalish method. >> kalish. >> alisyn: it's a memory problem. doctor-- >> and a checklist coming in for the fox news desk. good, good. if you want to find out more information how to do this for yourself. go to, we have the whole links up there. >> alisyn: fox and friends.comment and find out more. dr. daniel kalish, thanks for coming in. >> mike: what's the old line, sit next to me, it's no surprise that people like to gossip. a study finds it's not that bad. why water cooler talk may be good for your health. >> clayton: then it's a small piece of plastic. that could change the way that we do business. the man behind square and oh, by the way, he also co-founded twitter, jack dorsey is going
5:43 am
to be here to tell us about a big announcement this morning. we'll stick around for that. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] campbell's green bean casserole. it's amazing what soup can do [ male announcer ] jill and her mouth have lived a great life. but she has some dental issues she's not happy about. so i introduced jill to crest pro-health for life. selected for people over 50. pro-health for life is a toothpaste that defends against tender, inflamed gums, sensitivity and weak enamel.
5:44 am
conditions people over 50 experience. crest pro-health for life. so jill can keep living the good life. crest. life opens up when you do.
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5:46 am
>> well, it's a small square piece of plastic, but hailed for the way it's transformed small business. and the man behind it, also, by the way, co-founder of a small company called twitter, innovator of the year by american banker and called the next steve jobs. we'll get to the bottom of that. the ceo joins us now. >> thanks for having me. >> since the last time i've seen you you've been on the cover of forbes as innovator of the year. >> i walked by the news stand and you were just getting square underway the last, right before we saw you last time on the show. and the things have changed dramatically. air now being called the innovator of the year and
5:47 am
compared to steve jobs for your innovation. tell me how square is changing the face of american business? >> we start with a simple idea which was, you know, my parents were entrepreneurs. they started up local businesses and my father started a pizza restaurants when he was a kid and my mother the coffee store and they face the challenges just starting up. and also accepting patients extremely challenges, so we made it easy for any small business or neighborhood place it instantly accept credit cards by giving them a free credit card reader and accept credit cards for 2.75% and we signed up over 3 million merchants. >> i have to say when i went to, i drive up past the farmers market and there were people there selling the local farm stuff, fruits and vegetables and organic beef and crafts and those things of things. almost all of them were using square to accept credit card payments and i asked them
5:48 am
separately on a sunday. said this is changed the way my family is able to put food on the table and that's got to be incredible for you. >> that's amazing, you download an app and send a free card read and the money is in the bank account. that's huge for businesses just starting or farmers markets or personal trainers and hair stylists, they can receive what everyone is using, a credit card, debit card or plastic card. >> we're set in our ways, used to the credit cards and cash and when you rolled out square wallet. and some of our viewers watching this morning may have never heard of square wallet. they walk into a merchant and they say we accept square wallet. what is that? how does it change the way i pay for the coffee. >> that allows any buyer to link to the credit card and you down road load the application, from the app store or google play and link your credit card once and you can actually leave your phone in your pocket or furs and as
5:49 am
you walk up to the counter, your name registers with a picture on your face and cappuccino and you walk out and you don't have to bring your wallet out and don't have to bring your phone out. there's a local bakery and run the business on square and i say put my cappuccino on clayton and they give it to me and i can walk out. a big announcement we'll get to in one second, for people who want to get square, it's free. where do they get it? >> they go to square and we'll send them a free credit card reader or download square wallets to pay as a buyer. >> you have a big announcement. tomorrow, monday, you guys are doing something pretty big and first time. tell our awed yoeudiencaudience for the first time ever, we're enabling every single local merchants to sell gift cards and anyone can buy the gift cards from square wallets. if you have a favorite local bookstore and want to treat your mother or friends, you
5:50 am
can buy a gift card right from your phone, for any local merchant and they can redome it at that merchant. through wallet, passbook or through a piece of paper. >> and that's great for men who can't think of what to buy the wives, right, alley? >> she's shaking her head and support local, also. >> absolutely. >> jack dorsey, it's great to see you, congratulations on the success and i know a lot of our audience thrilled with what you've been able to do. >> appreciate it. >> thank you. >> trading in old jewelry for cold, hard cash, find out what your stuff is worth coming up next and ali is swarming around the table. >> i see things i like. like a vulture. >> alisyn: i liky ♪ diamonds are a girl's best friend ♪
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
>> apparently stocks are out and jewelry is in. more than ever, they're trading in the family heirlooms for cold hard cash. what's your jewelry worth and what are the ground rules for new sellers trying to get into this. joining us now is natasha, the spokesperson for circa, the largest international buyer of jewelry. nice to see you. >> thank you for having us. welcome selling the jewelry is more popular than ever. is it about the economy? >> really, actually it's not. it's a wonderful way to update move on and they're no longer a stigma when if comes to selling jewelry. >> debt, death and divorce. >> and those are out the window and now it's really all about moving on to new communities. why keep and hold on to jewelry you're not wearing. >> alisyn: let's look at some of the goody's, you've great. and women have come to sell, i'm guessing an engagement went awry with this one?
5:55 am
>> well, that's exactly right in this case and it's fascinating. with rings, we at circa buy thousands of engagement rings a month. sometimes it's for a happy reason or a great milestone anniversary and other times it's a relationship that maybe ended or a marriage that ended though it's what we call at circa, a karma cleanse. >> somebody came in and give you jewelry and you give them money on the spot. >> exactly. our expert buyers buy hundreds of pieces of jewelry a day and looking the at every aspect of the piece of jewelry. >> $4,000? >> 4,000, exactly. and that's exactly. >> a good pay day, out with the old in with the new. >> let's look at the beautiful bracelet. how much you paid. >> an exquisite rose goelt and 1940's retro bracelet. it's important for viewers to know at circa we look at the entire piece of jewelry, if you were to put this on a
5:56 am
scale just for the gold, it would be about $900. we're looking at the complete piece, the maker, the conditions, the design elements, so we were able to pay the seller $1400, that must have made her feel good. >> terrific. >> here is an old rolex, how much did you pay for it? >> an old favorite. 1,750. >> alisyn: it doesn't have to be new, it can be-- >> the great news, it was enjoyed for 20 years and the seller was able to buy a larger face rolex and a lot of ladies are turning in the small for large. >> alisyn: i have one gold earring, you don't want that. >> absolutely, at circa we buy all jewelry, nothing is too small or too large. we'll write a check for $100 or 50 million.
5:57 am
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good morning, it's sunday, november 9th. 23 days until we dive over the fiscal cliff and president obama says we can avoid it. republican says he has a different plan. >> the president doesn't really want to get an agreement or compromise, he wants to get his way. >> what happens if the president does get his way? >> let's go buck wild. move over, jersey shore, mtv is
6:01 am
going buck wild on west virginia. one it has one senator calling for it to be canceled before it begins. he made heisman history, the first freshman player to win the prized possession. johnny football joins us live getting up early for us after partying all night after winning the heisman. that will be fun. >> yeah. johnny football. >> a good show for you. >> founder of twitter on the show, we got the heisman trophy winner on the show and we've got mike jarrett. >> the trifecta. >> dave is off, nice to see you, mike. >> good to be here. >> new developments in the royal prank that turned tragic. an investigation may be coming
6:02 am
for the radio station behind the call to kate middleton's hospital. british police contacted australian authorities about the hoax. friday, the nurse who put the call through to kate's room reportedly took her life. the deejays who duped her are suspended and the radio station is reviewing its policy. >> another nfl player is dead and the teammate is charged. josh brent was charged with intoxication manslaughter. he was driving drunk yesterday morning and allegedly speeding when his car hit the curb, flipped and skidded a least 100 yards. his passengers was linebacker jerry brown who was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. president obama is reversing his position from four years ago and accepting unlimited
6:03 am
corporation donations to pay for the inauguration. the first year he limited to to $50,000 from individual donors. lobbyists will not be able to contribute. all donors will be vetted and names posted on line. critics say donations appear the companies will get something in return. >> and ... >> don't jump the gun on the dreidel. >> i'm sorry. jews around the world celebrating the start of hanukkah. last night in new york city the first cancelled was lit on this menorah. it lasts eight days to honor when the jews rededicated -- blood i need a cancelled like that. >> let's check in with maria, in for rick reichmuth this morning
6:04 am
who was at a christmas part/hanukkah party last night. >> typical. >> good morning, everyone. if you live across the portions of the upper midwest you've enjoyed mild temperatures, up to 30 degrees above what's typical but that's over today. look at the current temperatures across the dakotas, nebraska, 70 in rapid city, 20 in denver and 31 in minneapolis. the cold air that's been bottled up in canada is sinking southward and we're seeing winter weather in the middle east. the southeast, still very warm, upper 60s new orleans and through the rest of the southeast. temperatures make it into the 80s this afternoon across the city of tampa. so a beautiful day across florida where warm temperatures but rapid city, 14 degrees. 32 the high in minneapolis. new york city, a high not too
6:05 am
bad, 47. it's going to be warmer tomorrow but eventually that cold air will make it into the northeast as we head into next week. snow accumulation in the midwest, over 6 inches of snow for some spots, especially central minnesota. overall you're seeing higher accumulations in south dakota, central minnesota and the state of wisconsin. we'll to know to see the snowfall through the day. with the wind, we have blizzard conditions in south dakota and minnesota. a winter storm warning for minneapolis, gusts over 40 miles an hour here with whiteout conditions. southbound, two warm for snow but we could see severe weather in eastern texas into western tennessee. >> thanks, maraia. >> because we have only a short time left, 23 days, there's the countdown, the president says he can avoid the fiscal cliff.
6:06 am
we have to have compromise but he says it's all on the republicans, which is odd because the president put forth $1.6 trillion in tax increases which was laughed at by mitch mcconnell. then the republicans came back, which speaker boehner said was a sound response. $800 billion in tax rev knew. with eric cantor and paul ryan's significant but positive -- >> congress can prevent all of this by passing a tax hike on the first $250,000 of income. 98% wouldn't see taxes go up by a single dime. the wealthiest americans would get a tax cut on the first $250,000 of their income and families everywhere would enjoy peace of mind.
6:07 am
>> most polls show 60, 60% of americans agree, raise taxes on the wealthiest 2%. he won the election. >> he talked about that during the campaign however congressman randy forms of virginia, a republican, he's floating a theory which is that the president doesn't have to compromise. he might not even want to compromise because if there's no compromise, the president gets what he wants. >> the president doesn't really want to get an agreement or compromise. he wants to get his way. that's why he won't come to the table with any serious proposal and simply talk. if we do that, we can get a solution everybody could live with. we're willing to sit down and talk about these ideas and principles but where's the president? the american people can hear what they're putting on the table. >> i tend to agree with him. at least in part, which is that
6:08 am
the president could just sit on his hands and allow the bush tax cuts to expire like they would without negotiating. also, defense cuts go into place because of sequestration. >> chris wallace shot that theory down saying the president wants to compromise because if not, the other tax increases go into place. not just the wealthiest americans. >> the cbo says if the fiscal cliff happens it would plunge the country back into recession and no president wants to preside over a recession. they're going to have to figure out some compromise, even though the president, this weekend, says he's firm on the $250,000 high water mark. above that you're paying higher taxes. if that's the deal breaker -- >> that's all public speaking. some numbers can be massaged, putting it in mike's terms,
6:09 am
massaged a certain way. they won't necessarily go back to the bush era or the clinton era 39.7%. it could go to 37% or it could be an increase. >> or change that 250 to $500,000. bill clinton -- >> even biden said a million dollars. a slip of the tongue. >> but does that help? if you look to california as a mini country, a barometer, what happens when you raise taxes. >> the largest economy in the country. >> which they did. but the revenue doesn't show. look at it. it's down logical -- almost 11%. >> they have raised taxes on the highest wage earners and yet they have a shortfall of revenue. it's a tough one, how that happens. the argument is -- >> they don't pay property taxes. >> if you raise taxes, the
6:10 am
republicans argument is if you raise taxes, they hire fewer people and take all sorts of -- the shortfall into effect and want to keep their profits. so they don't do the things they would do if they had that excess cash. >> the other would be to create new taxpayers instead of new taxes. >> or as marco rubio talks about, increasing growth by fostering government and businesses to hire people. listen. >> we must reform our complicated, uncertain, job killing tax code by getting rid of loop hopes. the goal should be creating new taxpayers, not taxes. >> meanwhile, mtv continuing to try to make jobs for the -- >> for degenerates. >> for degenerates in west virginia. a new show called buck wild is
6:11 am
causing a huge amount of controversy. it's replacing jersey shore. for other west virginiaians they don't think this represents their state. >> i lived there and never met morons like this. >> jersey shore ran its course but it was so popular they decided to move it to west virginia but with the same debauchery. remember when chris christie was upset and wanted the show out of his state. the senator of west virginia wants the same idea, cancel it before it begins. he says instead of showcasing the beauty of our people and state, you preyed onioning people and coached them into displaying shameful behavior and
6:12 am
you're profiting. >> i have a chip on my shoulder because of jersey shore because it makes new jersey people seem likewise. they're not from new jersey, so i understand joe's feeling. but would i tune in for a few minutes to check it out? >> of course you would. the same reason people watch honey boo boo beautiful people want to feel better about themselves by watching morons. my point is i lived in west virginia, i lived in bluefield. nicest people i ever met and i didn't meet anyone close to those individuals. >> not representatives. >> my kansas jayhawks will play them for one of the first times in basketball. i'm going over. >> if you see one of these guys, take a photo. it's like big foot. i don't think they exist. >> talk about a generation of entitlements, it's more profitable to collect welfare at
6:13 am
some level than earn a salary and you're footing the bill. more on that outraging next. >> it's no surprise people like to gossip but a new study finds it's not all bad. why water cooler can help you out at work. ♪ the weather outside is frightful ♪ ♪ but the fire is so delightful ♪ nothing melts away the cold like a hot, delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup from campbell's. ♪ let it snow, let it snow
6:14 am
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share "not even close." share "you owe me..." share "just right." the share everything plan. sharable data across 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. get a droid razr m by motorola for $49.99.
6:16 am
>> welcome back. 17 million homes live below the poverty line last year. despite the fact federal welfare spending is over $1 trillion. if you thought that figure was upsetting, get ready. >> when it break it down it's more profitable to collect welfare than earn a salary. >> joining us, david weber, cofounder of tea party 365 and host of the david web show.
6:17 am
a classic case of makers and takers. the argument right at its core. >> absolutely. it's an economic argument. when you have more people and think about the unemployment issue, if you can make $600 a week, use that number, and get that from the government vs. $700 going to work, people say i'll take it from here. the problem is it takes money out of the economy. people are not producing, our productivity is at levels of 1980-81. look at it, it's a cultural thing. we've grown and entitlement culture and people say it's okay to get it rather than earn it. >> we had 83 different programs that spent $745 billion. the new analysis, welfare spending, the total amount given households is more than the income so $168 median forecast
6:18 am
per day -- income per day. they're getting more from welfare than the other way. >> what's your incentive to go to work. people don't think, individualize it, the thought is i can get it here, why go work for it. when you have 110 million people who are productive and 80 plus million who are on entitlements it's unsustainable. they say we're on an unseasonable tract. then a cbo analysis for 2013, we're almost $300 billion in the hole. that's our federal debt. we can't sustain this. this is an economic nightmare ahead of us. >> what do you think the majority, the percentages, people on welfare who really -- the majority don't want to be on it. >> that's hard to ascertain.
6:19 am
that's what i don't like about political arguments. what -- how do you resolve the problem? don't worry about who likes it, cut the programs. you've got to get people back into the workforce. need to do that you have to grow jobs. the failure of this administration has been that money's been aapplied to a predominantly growth in government. from june to november, 847,000 jobs. 620,000 of them were in federal, state, and local governments. that consumes wealth from the economy. >> we can't sustain it. >> it's enough -- unsustainable future. >> who wants to turn down that money that's handed to them. thanks so much. >> listen to this. more men say i'm never going to get married. women aren't women anymore. the author behind this claim is calling a truce on the war
6:20 am
against men. >> he made heisman history. the first freshman ever to win the prestigious price. johnny football is here. that's the heisman trophy. i'm going to sit next to him and make dave briggs jealous.
6:21 am
6:22 am
6:23 am
it's been coined the war on men. our next guest op-ed, why men are retreating from marriage fueled a firestorm of controversy but she's calling a truce. >> susan banker, author of how to choose a husband and make peace with marriage is here.
6:24 am
>> thanks for having me. >> you stirred up quite a bit of controversy. why are you deciding to call a truce on this whole issue? >> well, because that's really what it was about to begin with, honestly. that's what my work is about, what my writing does, is to just really try to turn around what's happened by saying you don't need to keep score between men and women. i think that's unquestionably what has happened much the terms manning up, or keeping up with the so-called rise of women. all that is putting -- that's putting men and women -- pitting them against one another. i'm trying to say it doesn't need to be this way. what is the ultimate goal for most women? not all women but for most women, it's to get married and have kids. and how do we rectify that desire with this other desire we have to be independent beings that are supposedly as strong as
6:25 am
men. you can rectify those things. you don't have to throw out the baby with the bath water. >> one of the recommendations you have given is let men be men. but what does that mean? >> right. it means that men and women are decidedly different creatures. you know, this whole idea of a quality being this -- that means sameness is just ridiculous. they're not the same. you can be equal in worth and value and be definitely different. >> but specifically -- >> does that mean -- given the three hours, four hours, he wants to sit on the couch and watch football. >> that's what he hopes it means. >> please say yes. >> why not? >> here's what's wrong with that. i feel guilty. >> what about child care? >> my wife's running around covered in baby food. >> so only women can take care of the kids during that time? >> of course not. i never said such a thing. it's fine for men and women to change diapers and husband and
6:26 am
wives to work. what i'm saying is there is a difference in the central core being of men and women in terms of one being more nurturing and one more inclined to provide and protect. that's why men are big. i like a big guy who makes you feel safe. you don't want to reverse that. in order to honor that, you usurp the role or make it competitive. >> honoring the difference means what? how do you let the man be a man? >> well, let him pay the bill for example. let him decide -- let him chase you. let him date you. we've gotten away from traditional dating in this country. men want to chase, they want to find -- it's part of what it is, it's always been that way. let him make the decisions about where you're going for dinner and open the door or pay the bill no matter how successful
6:27 am
you might be or how much money you have. let him do that. >> i'm totally cool with that. i'm cool with you paying the bill. notice mike's been quiet. >> he's trying to figure out what it's like to be a man. [ laughter ] >> i think a lot of men are scared to compliment women. i have run across this where is it okay if i tell you you're beautiful. not to me. they didn't say that to me but i've seen them have difficulty wanting to know if they can compliment a woman so they don't take offense or think he's trying to come on to her. >> can i just say this? you're smoking hot. [ laughter ] >> other women. >> thanks. >> women don't take offense to that. thanks so much. we'll have you on every weekend because we need to have this debate. >> thanks. >> it makes us -- parts of it, some parts of it make people
6:28 am
uncomfortable when they have to admit certain things about the way in which we interact. >> but it's -- >> i was scared to death of her. >> i know. it's so rare that you're quiet. let us know what you think about the battle between the sexes. time to sack gangnam style? the dance is under fire for calling for the death of our troops in a song. but he'll still get to perform for the president. >> this guy's a man. no debating that. heisman history, the first freshman player to win college's most prized possession. johnny football manziel joins us next. it's guarded by a group of individuals. i'll see if i'm allowed to touch it. ♪ ♪
6:29 am
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♪ >> 2012 winner of the heisman's memorial trophy is ... johnny manziel. >> that had to be the longest ten seconds of your life.
6:33 am
>> johnny manziel is with us. tell what you say that was like. >> suspenseful. they did a great job creating suspense. >> your face, you looked like you were almost emotional about it. >> it was definitely an emotional time for me. and to see my dad as emotional as he got, it was special to see how proud he was. >> it's premarkable. the first freshman to do this. the statistics are remarkable but you lost a coach, and you weren't even playing. how do you go from that to this? >> whenever you red shirt in college, that's a year to get better and adjust to everything. that year was big and the coaching staff that was there did a great job to prepare for me to play. that year was a big adjustment year. >> you didn't necessarily want to be a football player, you
6:34 am
wanted to be a professional baseball player. >> i always wanted to to be a baseball guy. derek jeter and the yankees. in high school, whenever football came front stage, i ran with if. >> you have to stop winning these awards. >> i just turned 20 last week. >> you're never going to get to baseball winning football awards. >> focus, johnny. >> is this the one? >> i'm not sure. i get to keep one and one goes to the school. >> can i touch it? >> you can touch it. >> you have a yellow wristband on which you refuse to take off in photo opportunities. maybe we can get a closeup on one of the cameras. what is so special about this yellow wristband? >> the story behind is a four or five-year-old kid in houston, texas, with a terminal type of
6:35 am
cancer. he's been fighting it for quite some time now. just what he goes through, right now he's going through 30 to 45 days in the hospital doing a stem cell transplant. how he looks up to me and how i look up to him for what he does, it's something that touched me heart. >> that's so nice. johnny, do you have a girlfriend? >> i do. >> is she with you? >> she is. >> is she? the studio? >> that's her. >> what was her response? >> she was in the back. we couldn't get enough tickets to sit everybody up front. i had 30 to 45 family members here. >> where do you go next year? now the pressure is on to try to eclipse those records. can you have a repeat performance? >> the big thing going into the spring. we want to win a national
6:36 am
championship for texas a&m. it's not necessarily for me but we want to play for a national championship. >> what's the name of your ton town. >> cur ville texas. >> what do you think is going on there. >> all night parties. >> will you have a parade? >> i don't know. >> you wanted to play for the texas longhorns. >> as a kid, that was the school i wanted to go to. >> they didn't recruit you? >> they did but i didn't get offered a scholarship. >> your coach has a rule where he doesn't let freshmen talk to the media so this is baptism by fire. >> i enjoy it. i like getting a chance to talk to y'all and the media and let people know who i am. during the season it was good to focus on the season and worry about football.
6:37 am
i've been one time before a couple years ago. i got a chancing to to the knicks game, giants game. >> hopefully you'll see a lot of cool stuff this time. >> if you walk down the street carrying that -- >> i might get mugged. >> welcome to new york city. congratulations, there he is, johnny manziel, heisman trophy winner. >> pleasure talking to you. >> your headlines, u.s. soldiers carrying out a dramatic rescue in the middle of the night as they save a colorado springs doctor held bit taliban in afghanistan. dr. dilip joseph and two colleagues were abducted and taken 50 millions from from -- 50 miles from the border. he was beaten by his captures and expected to return in the next couple days. the other hostages were released this weekend. ground zero first responders after the september 11 terrorist
6:38 am
attacks can forget about help from uncle sam. nearly two years after the president signed the health and compensation act, no one has gotten a dime. a government official claims most of the applications received arrived incomplete. the victims say that's impossible. all that gossipping you do may pay off. >> you'll never believe what's on gossip girl. >> what about serena getting off the train at grand central. >> 90% of conversation are gossip. work gossip is helpful. people warning about lazy coworkers and pressures slacking to pull their weight. >> i guess out of guilt, i'm going to do my job better so my coworkers don't gossip about me. >> i haven't seen that effect with all the talking about you. >> i don't believe that. i think gossip eats at you. i think it's bad.
6:39 am
anyway. >> we've got to stop that. >> i'm going to debunk that study. >> let's stop talking about maria behind her back. >> good morning, everybody. it's a chilly start to the day in new york city. we're in the 40s but it could be worse. it's december, so it could be colder and we're going to see temperatures that are above what's typical for this time of year in the east. it's going to feel like summer across the gulf coast and florida but as we head westbound we're seeing a shift in the weather, we'll see cold air dipping down from canada and producing cold temperatures. that cold air will impact the northeast as we head into tuesday. before that you'll see a brief warmup to kick off the workweek. highs today, widespread 70's. 81 in tampa. as we look at the midwest, colder, 15 degrees for the high in rapid city, not meaning to
6:40 am
rub it in how warm it is in florida. significant snowfall. we've been seeing it since yesterday in minnesota. accumulations up to 6 inches of snow or greater. a foot of snow is possible in spots. so be careful on the roadways. you'll see strong wind gusts over 40 miles an hour possible, so that could produce whiteouts and blizzards in minnesota and south dakota. >> did we mention that johnny goes to texas a&m? >> i think so. >> i hope so. >> i'm pretty sure we did. in fact he had a texas a&m shirt on. >> the logo was a giveaway. >> coming up, the administration's school lunch makeover left kids with the response, we're hungry. we want meat. will the government relent? the details are next. >> steven crowder hits the streets to ask so called
6:41 am
democrats their feelings about the fiscal cliff. >> what about this idea of closing loopholes in the tax system? >> i think that's a good idea. >> it's a good thing. >> it's super important. >> but do those answers sound like reflection of the democratic party? steven crowder doesn't think so. he joins us with his experience next. [ male announcer ] this december, remember --
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our next guest, fox news contributor steven crowder, went out to talk with people about the looming fiscal cliff. all described themselves as democrats, yet check out their answers to some of the biggest questions on capitol hill. >> what about the idea of
6:45 am
closing loopholes in the tax system? >> i think that's a good idea. >> i think it's a good thing. >> i think that's super important. >> the whole household makes $250,000. should they be taxed like the rich? >> no. >> that's not super wealthy? >> no. >> what about the debt ceiling. >> a poor decision. >> that's not solving a problem. >> steven. they say they're democrats, they sound like republicans. what's happening? >> this shows us that -- well, something we've known a while. if people voted what they believe and live, they would be more conservative but there's a stigma attached to been a republican. that's because of the administration, leftists, including the mainstream media and the is entertainment industry who are perpetuating stereotypes and lies and republicans are terrible at messaging. you see in that video, what about taxing the wealthy, yeah,
6:46 am
that's great. where does super wealthy start, about a million or more. how about $250,000 a total family income, should they be in the highest bracket? no, no. they'll people know 250,000, say you live in manhattan, you have a few kids and a wife. get into an apartment that's too small in a neighborhood you're ashamed to walk up to. you picture it as ebenezer scrooge and it's easier to vilify them. >> it's funny. i think it's when anybody -- no matter how much money you make, if somebody's trying to touch your money, you got to turned into a republican. >> right, exactly. that's what happened. people tend to become more conservative and when you watch this video, people can find me on twitter and see it, people seemed more concerned with not being seen as republicans than
6:47 am
solutions. >> like we have cooties or something? >> right. i said you went three for three on republican solutions, oh my word, no. it's funny, people don't vote as conservatively as they live. we can't let republicans off the hook. they're terrible with messaging. say we re-- republicans remain steady and only lose the youth vote by 15%. they won't lose another election. the grand embassadors, john fake bake boehner and four years ago we ran a guy who couldn't run a computer and the last election, a billionaire mormon, it's not bad people. i'm saying these are not people who reach out to the folks to feel disenfranchised by the republicans. when i say leftist, i don't mean democrats. when i say republicans, you mean a few politicians and activists,
6:48 am
leftists, you mean the administration, the media, the music industry. they really do get to perpetuate this lie. if i said anything people think i'm wrong on, tweet me at s crowder. >> and get another cup of coffee. always great to have you. great energy. how about this. a bold move by a teenager who wants her classmates to cover up. up next, she tells us how she's bringing modesty back. i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin. [ designer ] enough of just covering up my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin. [ rv guy ] enbrel may not work for everyone -- and may not clear you completely, but for many, it gets skin clearer fast, within 2 months,
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] while you're getting ready for the holidays, we're getting ready for you. tis the season. for food, for family, and now, something extra -- for you.
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welcome back. quick headlines a small win for
6:52 am
students. the government will allow more meat and grains in school lunches. the usda is lifting limits after students and schools complained they weren't getting enough to eat. the change is only this year. the limits will be back next fall. he's the star of the most watched youtube video of all time but cy cursed the united states in a song calling for a slow, painful death of american soldiers and families. does he serve the privilege of playing for the president? the mother of the first navy s.e.a.l. killed in iraq weighed in. >> our men and women are willing to sacrifice their lives for you and me and freedoms we enjoy just as my son did. then we have sun like this individual who is called for the murder of our troops and families, being in a place of honor, that's disgusting. our white house needs to listen to us and remove him from that program. >> that will tape tonight.
6:53 am
cy said i will forever be sorry for any pain i caused by those words. >> well, tired of seeing her classmates exposing too much skin, and sporting tight clothing, high school freshman page hatch started a club to bring modesty back to the classroom, a idea she borrowed from her brother. joining us, sage and mckay hatch, nice to see you guys. >> nice to see you. >> what prompted you to start the modesty club? >> well, in elementary school and then middle school and now high school i noticed that it got progressively worse, especially in high school. so i really wanted to start a club and make a difference. and -- because my brother, he started a new customming club -- cussing club. >> when you say it got worse,
6:54 am
what do you mean? what sorts of things were you seeing in your classroom? >> well, the girls were like really half naked and really not dressed appropriately for school and a learning environment. >> is that right? you mean like short shorts, crop tops, showing sort of the chest area? those sorts of things you saw in your young grade? >> well, mostly it got worse in high school. more like -- middle school it wasn't too bad, elementary school especially it wasn't bad but high school, that's where it kind of got crazy. >> mckay, you started a in cussing club which got a lot of attention. when your sister talked to you about what she wanted to do, what advice did you give her? >> i told her if you feel like it's something god wants you to do, i want you to do it. he's going to help you every step of the way. it's a time she can get closer
6:55 am
to god than she'll be able to. >> sage, what has been the reaction in your school and among your classmates to your modesty club? >> well, people have been really good about it. just like when we had club rush, a girl and boy were laughing in the corner but i was like -- i didn't mind. itches like -- i was like they don't fully understand what it is but overall it's been really good. everyone's been supportive of it. >> is it hard for kids, obviously with peer pressure, is it hard to publicly say they want to be part of your club? >> yeah, it is. but there's been 17 people that joined, so i was excited about that. it's been hard for them to want to join publicly. >> yeah. have you noticed any change thus far in the dress of your fellow
6:56 am
students? >> not too much. but i'm hoping it's going to get better by putting up signs in the classrooms and different things like that. >> mckay, your friends did take a hiatus from cursing, right? >> it's something that definitely we can't do ourselves. the club members get a lot of the same flak we do at school, so we get strength in numbers and they all get what we get as well. >> got it. well, keep us posted. let us know if this takes off and how it goes. thank you for coming in. >> thanks for having us. >> thank you. more "fox & friends" in just two minutes. [ female announcer ] you spend weeks planning it.
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